what we do

Homemetry is an all-in-one real estate information site that provides a comprehensive overview of homes for sale, apartments for rent, markets, trends and neighborhood insights to help you make the right decisions on exactly what, when and where to buy, sell or rent. By collecting and analyzing data from a variety of government and private sources, we're able to create detailed, informative profiles for every city in the United States.

why homemetry

  • Homemetry boasts the most full and unique data across the industry from federal, state, country, city and private sources
  • Our free reverse address lookup will help you find a person in case of a recent change of address
  • At Homemetry you can be sure to get unbiased, relevant and up to date information
  • You can find public records, sales & tax history, residents, neighbors, local organizations, businesses and much more
Rebecca Florek - Glendale Estate

We use Homemetry on a daily basis to help our customers make decisions on the real estate market. Homemetry has become an irreplaceable part of our business!

Angela Milton-Barks - CXT GROUP Inc

It feels good to know what is happening around my neighborhood and the great thing is that anyone can make a search with no prior knowledge.

Eric Kushner - San Diego Hauling

I'm in the process of making the decision to buy my first home and so far this website has been very helpful in choosing the right place for my family. Definitely can recommend Homemetry!

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