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Blacks Mill Way, Dawsonville GA street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1-47 9-45 11 1 36
48-73 48-70 10 - 19
74-99 74-98 9 - 17
100-1599 102-1521 49 2 121

1-47 Blacks Mill Way, Dawsonville GA


Who has lived here

Kim A Goodwin706-216-3985
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Who has lived here

Dennis J Gurnovich
Joan A Shaffer706-216-6441
Cone Townley706-265-7960
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Who has lived here

Sharon E Blalock706-216-1783
Chad A Kimbarl706-216-6116
Cherry Kimbral706-216-6116
Stacey B Kirby706-216-7281
William J Kirby
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Who has lived here

Mark Kaylor706-216-1898
Mark N Keeney706-216-1898
Rebecca B Keeney706-216-1898
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Who has lived here

Jennifer Narby706-216-2622
Jennifer S Sovern706-216-2622
Vicki K Petree706-216-1793
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Who has lived here

Ron L Corley706-216-3516
Corey G Moss706-429-9952
Kristina Moss706-429-9952
Michael H Trigg706-216-6560
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Who has lived here

Miracle Suddeth706-344-1407
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Who has lived here

Teresa A Parton706-216-1085
Tim N Parton706-216-1085
Daniel M Petranck706-216-4337
Robin D Petranck706-216-4337
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Single Family Residential
  • 2 baths
  • Lot: 0.68 acres
  • Built in 1990

Who has lived here

A & J Electrical Contractors Inc
Electrical Contractor
Ann Beach
Joseph Beach
Clerical/White Collar
Associate degree or higher
Joni G Butterworth
Samantha Couch706-265-8855


Built in: 1990

Lot size: 0.68 acres

Living space: 1,134 sqft

Bathrooms: 2

Exterior walls: Wood

Foundation: Masonry

Roof type: Asphalt

Heat type: Central

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City Forum

Larry Smith 2017 Apr 13

Other Services >> Duncan Heating and Air Services

Address: 147 War Hill Park Rd #100, Dawsonville, GA 30534, United States Phone: (678) 897-9478 Web: http://duncanheatingandairservices.com "Summers in Georgia can be harsh, but you're in good ha...

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