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Caroline Ave, Altoona PA street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1-118 42-118 18 1 43
119-201 119-201 20 - 45
202-299 202-264 13 - 32
300-499 300-428 58 1 143

1-118 Caroline Ave, Altoona PA


Who has lived here

N S Schorner814-942-4289
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Who has lived here

Deborah J Mullady814-940-8483
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For Sale $19,995

Who has lived here

Timothy Sceurman814-942-5542
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Who has lived here

Galo H Andrade
Darrell R Hauck
Sharon Hauck814-935-1094 Renter Service Occupations High school graduate or higher
Tyler R Hauck814-943-7497
Sharon A Kuny814-943-7497 Renter Protective Service Occupations High school graduate or higher
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  • 3 beds
  • 1.5 baths

Who has lived here

Erica Jacobs814-942-3560
Terri J Jacobs814-942-3560
Corey T Noel814-515-1137
Karen Noel814-515-1137 Homeowner
Leroy J Noel814-515-1137


Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1.5

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    Who has lived here

    David Mcdonald814-944-4225
    Richard D Mcdonald814-944-4225 Homeowner Precision Production Occupations
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    Single Family Residential

      Who has lived here

      Lori A Orr
      Joel T Ramsey
      Robert Sheppard
      Charles Smeltzer814-935-3830 Homeowner Production Occupations Bachelor's degree or higher c...@msn.com
      Fredric P Smeltzer814-943-7278
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      Alternative address: 117 Caroline Ave, Aultman, PA 16602-0049

      Who has lived here

      Global Surveillance Corp814-943-5977 Business Services
      Carlos A Calmon814-942-5811 Homeowner Service Occupations Graduate or professional degree d...@hotmail.com
      Domenic A Caminiti814-942-5811
      G Caminiti814-942-5811
      Gercin M Caminiti814-942-5811
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      Who has lived here

      Dorothy Caminiti814-946-1922 Homeowner High school graduate or higher y...@cs.com
      Nicholas Caminiti814-946-1922
      James D Caminiti814-943-2111
      Nick Caminiti814-934-5083 Homeowner Craftsman/Blue Collar High school graduate or higher
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