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Golden Rain Rd, Seal Beach CA street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1200-1361 1202-1312 103 11 315
1362-1491 1362-1491 100 2 334
1492-1870 1492-1861 90 40 259
1871+ 1871-13240 24 14 69

1200-1361 Golden Rain Rd, Seal Beach CA


Multi-Family Home
  • Building 72
  • 2 beds
  • 1 bath
  • 760 sqft
  • Built in 1962

Who has lived here

Rule Of Law Foundation Inactive, Civic/Social Association Domestic Nonprofit Corporation
Edith M Bonanomi562-596-0259
Edithe Bonanomi562-596-0259
Ruth Brown805-583-1843 Homeowner
Ashlin Cutforth562-430-9643


Built in: 1962

Built in: 1962

Lot size: 3.32 acres

Floor size: 760 sqft

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1

Stories: 2

Exterior material: Stucco

Cooling: Other

Parking: 1 space

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High Rise
  • Building 3

Who has lived here

Charles A Bielecki562-430-5060
C H Bielicki562-430-5060
Frances E Cartner562-431-6447
Peter Cartner562-431-6447
Ralph L Crommett Retired Associate degree or higher r...@gmail.com
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High Rise
  • Building 70

Who has lived here

C A Hendon Insurance Services Insurance Agent/Broker
C A Hendon Insurance Svc562-598-6920 Insurance Companies
Carl A Hendon562-598-6920 Renter Service Occupations High school graduate or higher c...@adelphia.net
Ione E Hendon562-598-6920 Homeowner Retired Associate degree or higher
Ronald Billing562-430-1197 Craftsman/Blue Collar High school graduate or higher b...@adelphia.net
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Alternative address: 1232 Golden Rain Rd, Long Beach, CA 90740-6910

High Rise
  • Building 71

Who has lived here

Margarita W Bahr562-598-4279 Homeowner Retired Graduate or professional degree m...@yahoo.com
Victoria F Bahr562-598-4279
Scott G Boeger
Jean Bonelli562-431-2772 Homeowner Clerical/White Collar High school graduate or higher
Patricia A Brewer
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High Rise
  • Building 2

Who has lived here

Chien Ap
Mirako K Barber
Veldine V Campbell
Bonnie J Cornelison949-858-5645
Francois A Cornellier
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Who has lived here

Associate Landscape Maintenace562-431-9925 Lawn/Garden Services Landscape Services
Associated Landscape Maintenance Inc562-431-9925 Professional Services
Associated Landscape Mntnc Inc562-431-9925 Landscaper
John's Landscape562-493-1111 Landscape Contractors Landscape Services
Rain Golden Foundation Civic/Social Association
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High Rise
  • Building 69

Who has lived here

William Assad562-594-4455
Feley Banach
Felix Banach562-430-2343
Shirley E Degeatano562-799-0478
Mary Downey562-421-1328 Renter Clerical/White Collar Graduate or professional degree
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High Rise
  • Building 68

Who has lived here

N P Apperson562-430-3748
Nadine A Apperson562-430-3748 Homeowner Production Occupations Graduate or professional degree
O P Apperson562-430-3748
Oscar P Apperson562-430-3748
Janet Carpenter562-430-6661 Homeowner Retired
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High Rise
  • Building 9

Who has lived here

Xtreme Solutions, Inc Articles of Incorporation
Dorothy J Beckman310-799-0017
Ellen Betz562-430-1367
Nancy Bottom
Margaret Brown805-583-1824
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High Rise
  • Building 67

Who has lived here

California Allegiance, Inc Articles of Incorporation
Martin Howard Legal Services Office, Nonclassifiable Establishments
M I Antrobius562-594-0227
Clarice Batesole562-596-1078 Renter
Zarryl Batesole Retired High school graduate or higher
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