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Oakbrook Dr, Bloomington IL street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1-1408 1-1407 19 1 260
1409+ 1409-1509 23 1 56

1-1408 Oakbrook Dr, Bloomington IL


Who has lived here

Shan H Alvis309-663-5589
Andy Baragona309-663-7330
Andy A Chambers309-662-0533
Atteo A Dellarocca309-663-1283
Jaisen R Freeman309-664-5794
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Who has lived here

Rayza B Bugayong309-664-2794
Rayza Graham309-664-2794
Brian J Burkhart309-661-0569
Linda Che309-661-8349
Dhanunjaya Chittineni309-585-2678
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Who has lived here

Grant T Avery309-662-4385
Leung Chan309-808-1946
Sue E Daniels309-828-8663
David Desmond309-661-1077
Anna M Eastburn309-662-5859
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Who has lived here

Ryan A Bloyd309-663-0294
Antwan Candler309-664-3934
Lucas K Craig309-661-0008
Jason M Cryer309-661-9538
Jerikca Cusac309-661-7338
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Who has lived here

Adrienne Allison309-661-2185
Shelli L Sefton309-661-2185
Lamar C Banks309-664-7868
Brandee Carter309-661-0358
Jori Cooper309-662-0680
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Who has lived here

K Aldor309-663-2408
Raghav Beeram309-661-8866
K Challe309-664-5983
Joseph Chocol309-662-3887
Bill Coile309-585-0765
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Who has lived here

Corrie L Wisneski309-664-0890
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Single Family
  • 3 beds
  • 1.5 baths
  • 1,488 sqft

Who has lived here

Cass C Davis
Sean Friend309-661-9821
Chris J Sebeny309-661-9821
Christopher J Sebeny309-661-9821
Julie A Hover309-663-6870


Lot size: 6,049 sqft

Floor size: 1,488 sqft

Rooms: 6

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1.5

Stories: 2

Exterior material: Other

Foundation type: Crawl/Raised

Roof type: Asphalt

Heat type: Forced air

Parking: Off street, 200 sqft

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High Rise

    Who has lived here

    Daniel Ator
    Alice Cherry309-664-0981
    Dana R Davison309-664-0981
    Carl R Streily309-664-0981
    Dana D Streily309-664-0981
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    Who has lived here

    Carl R Streily
    Dana D Streily
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    High Rise

      Who has lived here

      Nuimage Web
      Computer Systems Design
      Becky A Blackwell
      Construction and Extraction Occupations
      Associate degree or higher
      Ken Byerley309-661-0572
      Kennith E Byerley
      Sandi J Byerley
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