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Tower Rd, Beverly Hills CA street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
100-227 119-227 14 1 184
228-1099 228-1030 13 3 158
1100+ 1100-9911 44 51 170

100-227 Tower Rd, Beverly Hills CA

Market Activities

Oct 2016 - present Listed for rent
1122 Tower Rd
Price history :
  • 4 beds
  • 4 baths

Private Contemporary Residence sited on famed " Tower Road ". A designer furnished and a bold...

Sep 2016 - present Listed for rent
1235 Tower Rd
Price history :
  • 7580 sqft
  • 6 beds
  • 7 baths

Enter through a gated private driveway to an exquisite villa. The grand entry has high ceilings...

Incidents registered in Federal Emergency Management Agency

30 Sep 2013 Gas leak (natural gas or LPG)
Property Use:
1 or 2 family dwelling


Who has lived here

Wayne Rogers
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Who has lived here

Eshagh Ghadishah323-651-0985
Jason Paisan323-658-6802
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Who has lived here

Patricia A Crites323-653-7334
Mindy L Lake323-655-8716
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Who has lived here

Ryan Beshara323-852-1419
Ade Bogir323-658-6520
Xina Chun323-651-0983
F Davide323-951-9680
Davide Fortunati323-951-9680
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Alternative address: 218 Tower Rd, Long Beach, CA

Who has lived here

Y Adir323-782-4989
K Ahsing323-653-2168
Wenty Barrett323-951-9951
Emad E Barsoum323-651-2598
Parag Bhasin323-782-0783
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Who has lived here

Gregory D Barker323-782-1396
Alex A Bermann323-651-5772
Alice Bermann323-651-5772
Lori R Cronyn323-655-3227
Johng Joo323-852-0114
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Who has lived here

Kun Cho323-651-0716
Todd Gallant323-651-5939
Grace Hsia323-653-5323
Zahra Kazemi323-951-1917
G Levin323-653-0762
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Who has lived here

L Bekerman323-658-7039
Leonard Bekerman310-658-7039
Josseline Levine323-651-3660
R Opaleski323-653-1864
Lionel Sabbah323-951-9821
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Who has lived here

Curt Bjelajac323-653-3923
Dina D Brumberg323-951-0758
Julie Gillstrom323-782-9323
Yosef Lati323-424-4023
Brett M Longfield323-651-2988
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Who has lived here

Maple Crest Management, Inc
Business type:
Articles of Incorporation
Samuel Anthony323-658-8461
Anthony Samoel323-658-8461
Anthony F Samuel323-658-8461
Dalit Bezalel323-653-2956
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Who has lived here

Gidon A Agai323-655-2176
Polin Agai323-655-2176
Jeffrey W Baitz323-852-6918
Ronnie Blakeney323-655-9359
Iveta I Deprospo323-424-3767
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Who has lived here

Christian Arvan323-655-8920
Martin Laing323-655-8920
Gady Bendavid323-653-3472
Lionel S Benillouche323-951-9723
Yousef Benpourat323-655-2991
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Who has lived here

Lucy A Geiselman323-951-0665
Eshagh Ghadishah323-651-0985
Marilyn G Goldman323-782-1403
Nancy I Goldman323-782-1403
Enrico Melson323-782-0234
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Dr. Anita Sabeti Md 2017 Feb 23

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Dr Sabeti has a new approach to treating her patients by providing a combination of traditional and modern medicine. She has a passion for preventive medicine by encouraging her patients to pursue a h...

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