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Whitewater Ct, Fort Myers Beach FL street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1300-17210 1332-17210 14 - 39
17211-17223 17211-17223 17 1 80
17224-17237 17224-17236 15 6 45
17238-17255 17238-17254 15 4 69
17256-17265 17256-17265 13 6 53
17266-17277 17266-17276 13 10 55
17278-17299 17278-17293 13 5 41
17300+ 17303-17335 44 6 193

1300-17210 Whitewater Ct, Fort Myers Beach FL


Who has lived here

Dennis H Schulte239-454-6171
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Who has lived here

Jeffery B Pinkston
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Alternative address: 11714 Whitewater Ct, Ft Myers Beach, FL

Who has lived here

Ella Loulle Mayer239-466-5688
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Alternative address: 17202 Whitewater Ct, Ft Myers Bch, FL 33931-5307

Who has lived here

Edna M Baggett239-810-0061
Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
Associate degree or higher
Kenneth E Glatt
Robert Lee Mcclellan239-454-5012
Curtis Jefferson Wimberly305-872-7561
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Alternative address: 17204 Whitewater Ct, Ft Myers Bch, FL 33931-5307

Who has lived here

Jamie Debaufre239-267-3009
Lauren N Debaufre239-267-3009
Deborah A Edlebeck239-267-3009
Stephen M Shaw239-267-3009
Gary Gray
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  • Lot: 7,500 sqft


Lot size: 7,500 sqft

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Alternative address: 17206 Whitewater Ct, Ft Myers Bch, FL 33931-5307

Multi-Family Home
  • Lot: 8,400 sqft
  • Built in 1982

Who has lived here

Christ V Consiglio239-466-8369
Vincent J Consiglio239-466-8369
Vincent J Consiguo239-466-8369
Bob N Hough239-466-8369


Built in: 1982

Lot size: 8,400 sqft

Stories: 2

Exterior walls: Wood

Roof type: Asphalt

Heat type: Forced air unit

Air conditioning: Central

Parking: Garage

Parking spaces: 1

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Who has lived here

Ernest C Bethke239-489-1190
Lisa L Bethke239-489-1190
Lynne D Bethke
Matthew Joseph Cole239-303-0451
Bobby Wells239-481-3674
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Alternative address: 17209 Whitewater Ct, Ft Myers Bch, FL 33931-5308

Who has lived here

Vincenza L Connor941-437-1503
Brandi M Howie
Leonard Howie
Jennifer Jasmon239-810-6084
Theresa M Mattera239-267-2148
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Who has lived here

Tom Kugelman
Ella Loulle Mayer239-466-5688
Gina Loraine Schell239-466-8253
Marie E Stouffer941-267-6918
Geoff S Vanvolkom239-415-3434
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