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The Pointe Dr, West Palm Beach FL street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1-13 1-13 16 - 408
14-999 14-800 17 5 311
1000-1099 1001-1099 97 29 487

14-999 The Pointe Dr, West Palm Beach FL

Market Activities

Nov 2016 - Nov 2016 Recent Rent
25 The Pointe Dr
Price history :
  • 1100 sqft
  • 2 beds
  • 2 baths

Spacious 2BD/2BA lofted apartment in Paradise Cove right across from Village Commons. Unit has...

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Building Permits

Jan 30, 2009
800 The Pointe Dr
Description: Replace the existing obsolete fire alarm panel
  • Fee: $86.00 paid to City of West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Client: Paradise Cove At Palm Beach Lakes
  • Parcel #: 7443431920
  • Permit #: 9010300


Who has lived here

Carlos Avellaneda561-689-6587
Peter Burger561-712-9420
Isabel M Chao561-697-4172
Isabel M Vera561-697-4172
Dean Ditizio561-688-0651
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Who has lived here

Jackie M Anderson561-688-2025
R L Beckwith
Johnnie L Boatwright561-471-9094
N Boland561-686-0028
Howard Borna561-697-4375
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Alternative address: 16 The Pointe Dr, West Palm Bch, FL

Who has lived here

Dawn Alesi561-640-0306
Anne M Bacalla561-471-5525
Hakan Balkuvvar561-689-0858
Julie L Barakat561-697-2498
Zenaida Sanabria561-697-2498
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Alternative address: 17 The Pointe Dr, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Who has lived here

Charles T Almond561-697-3932
K J Aymard
Anna A Bacalla
Elaine Behr561-242-9954
Nancy Finn561-242-9954
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Alternative address: 18 The Pointe Dr, West Palm Bch, FL

Who has lived here

Art Binkowitz561-689-8147
Arthur R Binkowitz561-689-8147
Donald Braun561-697-3178
Christopher Camilletti561-697-2384
Bridget Desjarlais561-697-4474
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Who has lived here

Gerald E Brucker561-712-9312
Cesar A Garanton561-712-9312
Stefanie Hershfield561-712-9312
Jason Hill561-712-9312
Alana Burdette561-712-0104
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Who has lived here

Fernanda Beccaglia561-684-2618
Donald Braun561-688-0528
Damir Nanic561-688-0528
Jeffry A Clark561-616-3519
Ludwig Cramm561-697-4360
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Who has lived here

G C Abbale561-640-4365
John H Ackermann561-712-0067
F E Alauskas561-712-8514
Tracey Beers561-686-9880
Ellen Dillon561-686-9880
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Who has lived here

Eunice Afanador561-687-7683
Barbara Burrell561-242-9625
N Carnevale561-682-3294
Kathy Crockett561-682-9105
Eric Gourgue561-242-9888
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Who has lived here

Steven Blumenthal561-478-6412
Natalie Cain561-616-3394
John R Cieslak561-687-9532
Bradley Cornelius561-471-9855
Jane E Echterling561-697-4749
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Who has lived here

Dawn E Abramson561-684-7663
Kristi Bergemann561-684-8612
Donald Braun561-712-4893
Harold Byrde561-697-2548
David Etzkin561-689-9863
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  • 2 beds
  • 2 baths
  • Lot: 1100 sqft

Who has lived here

Aaron Adent561-687-1812
Aaron Allen561-688-2259
George Bartholomay561-640-9845
George Bartholomew561-640-9845
Deborah Raquel Beriro561-697-2888
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  • 1 bed
  • 1 bath
  • 890 sqft

Who has lived here

Altman Management Company561-684-9911
Apartment Building Operator
M.v.r. Enterprise Inc
Business type:
Florida Profit Corporation
Sep 26, 1997
Paradise Cove At Palm Beach Lakes Condominium Association, Inc
Business type:
Domestic Non Profit Corporation
Paradise Cove Condominium
Civic/Social Association
Paradise Cove Condominiums561-242-1610
Condominium & Townhouse Rental & Leasing


Floor size: 890 sqft

Bedrooms: 1

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