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Courtship Dr, Lancaster OH street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1500-1519 1500-1518 11 3 71
1520-1539 1520-1538 12 - 86
1540-1559 1540-1556 10 - 65
1560-1581 1560-1580 10 - 68
1582-1599 1582-1596 9 1 60
1600+ 1600-1862 19 - 128

1582-1599 Courtship Dr, Lancaster OH

Fire Incident History

12 Oct 2011 Passenger vehicle fire
Property Use:
Vehicle parking area
Area of Origin:
Engine area, running gear, wheel area
First Ignition:
Flammable liquid/gas in container or pipe
Heat Source:
Heat from powered equipment, other
01 Oct 2001 Passenger vehicle fire
Property Use:
Multifamily dwellings
Area of Origin:
Vehicle area, other
First Ignition:
Box, carton, bag, basket, barrel
Heat Source:
Heat source: other

Incidents registered in Federal Emergency Management Agency

26 Nov 2008 Cooking fire, confined to container
Property Use:
Multifamily dwellings
01 May 2003 Excessive heat, scorch burns with no ignition
Property Use:
Multifamily dwellings
07 Sep 2001 Smoke or odor removal
Property Use:
Multifamily dwellings

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Who has lived here

Gail D Ashbaugh740-689-9308
Amy M Cummans740-653-8202
Jason R Cummans740-653-8202
Ruth E Cummans740-653-8202
Ronda Dever423-949-4424
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Who has lived here

Summer Blackburn740-652-1710
Mick Redsern740-652-1710
Trisha M Conley740-286-2161
Jennifer Marie Naseman
Elizabeth A Strawser
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Who has lived here

Amber Harvey740-205-2593
Nick R Lucus740-681-1966
David Parker
Jonathan Thorne740-205-2123
Brittany Voelker
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Who has lived here

Mark A Asher740-687-5292
Penny A Asher740-687-5292
Clarence E Boysel740-687-5292
Penny A Boysel740-687-5292
Linda Sue Gulau
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Who has lived here

Stephanie L Bowman
Stephanie L Gomez
Dusty Johnson216-707-1235
Sales Occupations
Graduate or professional degree
Karen M Ledford
K A Morrell
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Who has lived here

Lrd Photography
Photo Portrait Studio
Dusten A Clark
John D Elias740-987-7770
Tabitha D Jayjohn740-654-8317
Louis K Liggett
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Who has lived here

Cathy L Buzolith740-653-8550
Joseph A Buzolith
Danny Lee Cameron740-654-8138
Jody E Dietrich
Craig Allan Householder740-653-2674
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