Boxberry Ter, Gaithersburg MD street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1-7504 2-7504 10 2 45
7505-7602 7505-7602 10 1 56
7603-19704 7603-19703 10 3 49
19705+ 19705-19715 9 - 32

19705+ Boxberry Ter, Gaithersburg MD

Fire Incident History

25 Mar 2010 Brush, or brush and grass mixture fire
Property Use:
1 or 2 family dwelling
Area of Origin:
Wildland, woods
First Ignition:
Light vegetation - not crop, including grass
Heat Source:
Hot ember or ash


Alternative address: 19705 Boxberry Ter, Montgomery Village, MD

Who has lived here

Ruth L Darby301-216-2833
Thomas G Darby301-216-2833
Rohit Ganguly301-947-5469
Alex Monteiro301-947-6892
Anthony J Monteiro301-947-6892
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Who has lived here

Prerna M Maheshwari301-869-7051
Vinod M Maheshwari301-869-7051
Robert E Redlack301-527-1483
Roshellyn C Redlack301-527-1483
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Who has lived here

Nan H Cheong301-963-2160
Tu Dao301-963-2160
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Who has lived here

Kimberli K Marosi301-926-4073
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Who has lived here

Barbara B Simoneau240-631-2834
Edward T Simoneau240-631-2834
Sheila S Simoneau240-631-2834
Edward P Vicenzi240-631-2834
Sheila S Vicenzi240-631-2834
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Who has lived here

Dennis L Dehne301-924-6263
Gregory L Dehne301-924-6263
Joann A Dehne301-924-6263
Wendy E Sulc301-924-6263
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Who has lived here

Craig D Koch301-869-2187
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Who has lived here

Anik K Singal301-977-5012
Anita T Singal301-977-5012
Balwant K Singal301-977-5012
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Who has lived here

Shahriar Saleh301-990-1514
Afsaneh S Ziaee301-330-8386
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