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1-16 5-16 15 33 54
17-103 17-103 12 1 61
104-201 104-201 10 4 46
202+ 202-702 45 13 277

202+ Brookes Ave, Gaithersburg MD

Building Permits

Apr 26, 2016
203 Brookes Ave
  • Client: Nancy Hendershot
  • Permit #: MECH-10526-2016
Apr 25, 2016
8 Brookes Ave
  • Client: Arnold Horwitz
  • Permit #: MECH-10934-2016
Dec 21, 2015
102 Brookes Ave
Description: Request for mechanical permit for install 1 gas furnace.
  • Client: Simon Leath
  • Parcel #: 160900843648
  • Permit #: MECH-10150-2015
Aug 21, 2015
7 Brookes Ave
Description: Request for real estate sign.
  • Client: Brookes Avenue Llc
  • Parcel #: 160900843568
  • Permit #: SIGN-9216-2015
Aug 3, 2015
112 Brookes Ave
Description: Installation of one conduit and 110 volt electric wire. installation of of circuits for new gazebo(2) outlets and (20) outdoor low voltage fixtures.
  • Client: City Of Gaithersburg
  • Parcel #: 160900843672
  • Permit #: ELEC-9093-2015
Jun 17, 2015
19 Brookes Ave
Description: Remove and replace existing and install new as per plat
  • Client: Katherine Gates
  • Parcel #: 160900843774
  • Permit #: FENC-7956-2015
Apr 15, 2015
103 Brookes Ave
Description: Finish basement 650 sq. ft.
  • Client: Lnn Blalock
  • Parcel #: 160900843865
  • Permit #: BRI-8092-2015
Jan 7, 2015
105 Brookes Ave
Description: Request for mechanical permit for replacement of 1 gas furnace.
  • Valuation: $400,000
  • Client: Lee Zhu
  • Parcel #: 160900843273
  • Permit #: MECH-7476-2015
Dec 12, 2014
206 Brookes Ave
Description: Remove and replace fire/water damaged drywall, cabinets, doors, windows and electrical wiring.
  • Valuation: $1,500,000
  • Client: Josh Pollak
  • Parcel #: 160900843535
  • Permit #: CIMP-7284-2014
Nov 10, 2014
205 Brookes Ave
Description: Demo existing shed replace with new same size on same foundation. as built
  • Valuation: $60,000
  • Parcel #: 160900843592
  • Permit #: SHED-7079-2014
Oct 28, 2014
104 Brookes Ave
Description: Request for permit to remove 1 tree from property as shown on drawing (plat). must remove all debris within 24 hours of tree removal.
  • Client: Phillip Wessell
  • Parcel #: 160900843706
  • Permit #: TREE-6925-2014
Aug 27, 2014
101 Brookes Ave
Description: Request for electrical permit to install a 200 amp heavy up.
  • Valuation: $160,000
  • Client: Lyle Alexander
  • Parcel #: 160900843067
  • Permit #: ELEC-6653-2014
Feb 5, 2013
10 Brookes Ave
Description: New fencing for office lot.
  • Valuation: $400,000
  • Parcel #: 160903624921
  • Permit #: FENC-2334-2013
Sep 6, 2012
26 Brookes Ave
Description: Construct a new bathroom in basement.
  • Valuation: $650,000
  • Client: Martha Kern
  • Parcel #: 160900843978
  • Permit #: BRI-1291-2012
May 22, 2012
14 Brookes Ave
Description: Request for tree removal permit for the removal of (2) trees as per approved plan. please remove all debris from the property within 24 hours of removal. please call 301-258-6338 for a final inspection once the trees have been removed (code #2030).
  • Client: Hosanna Korean Methodist Church
  • Parcel #: 160902899504
  • Permit #: PI-S120071
Aug 30, 2011
22 Brookes Ave
Description: Request for permit to remove 1 tree from property as shown on drawing (plat). must remove all debris within 24 hours of tree removal. call 301-258-6338 ivr system for inspection upon completion code 2030
  • Parcel #: 160900843557
  • Permit #: PI-S110128
Mar 10, 2011
12 Brookes Ave
Description: Replace inside 275 gal oil tank in basement
  • Parcel #: 160900843967
  • Permit #: PI-M110015
Oct 12, 2010
207 Brookes Ave
Description: Convert commercial space back to residential use. 1500 sq. ft. including electrical inspection. code compliance to be determined in the field. call 301-258-6338 to schedule the following inspections: final electric #2025 final building #2030 note: sleeping areas shall have a code conforming emergency escape window or side hinged door to the exterior of the dwelling. when alterations, repairs or additions requiring a permit occur the dwelling unit shall be provided with smoke alarms located as required for new dwellings; the smoke alarms shall be in every sleeping area, in the area immediately outside of each sleeping area, and at least one smoke detector on each level. for those areas undergoing construction or alteration, the required smoke detectors shall be a/c hardwired with battery back-up. in existing spaces that are not part of the construction/alteration, the required detectors may be battery operated. in all areas of new construction and any altered areas that have sufficient demolition to facilitate wiring, the required detectors shall be interconnected.
  • Parcel #: 160900843683
  • Permit #: PI-B100971
Sep 22, 2010
201 Brookes Ave
Description: Building permit rebuild porch, roof, corner of office damaged by storm (fallen tree) on august 12 2010, as described on city stamped documents. note: any electrical work must be applied for separately by city licensed electrician. - permit is approved only as noted; in addition to conditions listed on this document, read all attached plan review comments carefully; they are conditions of the permit. - contractor of record shall be responsible for: 1) completing this job in accordance with the city approved plans and all applicable city codes and regulations, & 2) scheduling and passing all required inspections (301-258-6338).
  • Parcel #: 160900843945
  • Permit #: PI-B100905

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Fire Incident History

23 Jun 2014 Building fires
Property Use:
Multifamily dwellings
Area of Origin:
Cooking area, kitchen
First Ignition:
Cabinetry (including built-in)
Heat Source:
Heat from powered equipment, other

Incidents registered in Federal Emergency Management Agency

18 Aug 2015 Gas leak (natural gas or LPG)
Property Use:
Church, mosque, synagogue, temple, chapel
05 Jun 2013 Gas leak (natural gas or LPG)
Property Use:
Multifamily dwellings
26 Mar 2013 Power line down
Property Use:
Street, other

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Who has lived here

Elard Flores
Viola G Lowe
Jason R White301-963-3423
Troy L White301-963-3423
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Who has lived here

Hendershot Financial Group240-912-5370
Financial Planning Consultants & Services
Business Services, Management Consulting Services
738900 - Business service
F Hendershot301-987-7211
Beth Riley301-987-7211
Hendershot Financial Group
Director - Marketing
All Other Business Support Services
Independence Plus, Inc
Business type:
Statement & Designation By Foreign Corporation
Shafer Troxell & Howe Inc301-921-4190
Industrial Equipment & Supplies Dealers
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Who has lived here

William Dalton
Roland J Fridell
Chester L Garner
David Harper
Anthony B Harris
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  • 2,220 sqft
  • Built in 1939

Who has lived here

Jamaa Hill240-246-0535
Dorothy L Layman301-926-5089
Hui F Shen301-527-0830
Valerie Starks240-246-0100


Built in: 1939

Lot size: 0.3 acres

Floor size: 2,220 sqft

Stories: 2

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High Rise

    Who has lived here

    Marjanna L Bogan301-963-4805
    K Brafford240-683-8095
    G Sluder240-683-8095
    Scott Brittain301-519-2015
    David Chikvashvili301-740-3965
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    Who has lived here

    Engineering Computers, Inc
    5045 - Computers and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software
    World Child Inc301-588-3000
    Adoption Agencies & Services
    Individual/Family Services
    832202 - Child Guidance
    Carl Jenkins301-977-8249
    Production Occupations
    Graduate or professional degree
    World Child Inc
    Chief Executive Officer
    Child and Youth Services
    Dave W Povtak301-977-8249
    Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations
    High school graduate or higher
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    High Rise

      Who has lived here

      Bayesian Systems Inc
      Information Technology and Services
      Bayesin System Inc Computer So
      Ret Computers/Software
      Darque Room Images240-644-8312
      Parana Transport General Clean
      Painting/Paper Hanging Contractor
      Luis Aranda240-912-4432
      Graduate or professional degree
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      Alternative address: 212 Brookes Ave, Montgomery Village, MD 20877-2959

      High Rise

        Who has lived here

        Clc Contractors Llc
        Business Services at Non-Commercial Site
        Joseph Pappalardo301-947-3129
        Pappalardo Joseph301-947-3129
        Joseph R Pappalardo301-947-3129
        R Alam301-869-1563
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        High Rise

          Who has lived here

          Susana Alfaro
          Jose V Argueta301-987-7282
          Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
          Graduate or professional degree
          Bob Beall804-722-1761
          Hector Bonilla301-631-9097
          Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations

          Garcia Bravo301-947-7934
          Sales Occupations
          Associate degree or higher
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          Who has lived here

          Jacqueline J Baker727-789-5624
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