Alfandre St, Gaithersburg MD street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
300-320 305-318 11 2 63
321-339 321-339 10 3 38
340+ 340-383 10 1 45

340+ Alfandre St, Gaithersburg MD


Who has lived here

Boris S Lelchitski240-876-4791
Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Occupations
Associate degree or higher
Michael Xydakis240-246-7922
Medical Professional
Graduate or professional degree

Who has lived here

Hoori B Bahmanian301-417-0180
Houri B Bahmanian301-947-5908
Gary L Haupt301-947-5908
Vernon W Spencer301-947-5908

Who has lived here

Friends Of Jypi, Inc
Membership Organization
Isabella Barretto301-788-1310
Clerical/White Collar
Associate degree or higher
Jung S Choi702-897-4825
Susan S Choi702-897-4825
Estelle R Gervis

Who has lived here

Brenda Brody
David W Stevens
Dianne E Stevens301-869-6221

Who has lived here

David J Kleindienst301-519-9058
James R Kleindienst301-519-9058
Mary J Kleindienst301-519-9058
Stephen E Kleindienst301-519-9058
Pamela W Kleindienst

Who has lived here

Marsh L Kottler301-330-2067
Marsha Kottler301-330-2067
Single Family
  • 2 beds
  • 2.5 baths


Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2.5

Who has lived here

David J Biedenkapp301-460-6783
Ryan S Biedenkapp301-460-6783
Shelby A Biedenkapp301-460-6783
John W Biedenkapp
Donna L Deutsch240-631-9613

Who has lived here

Mandira M Sarkar301-990-1214
Sriya Sarkar301-990-1214
Swapan K Sarkar301-990-1214

Who has lived here

Stanley C Erck
Elizabeth A Rosenfeld301-921-8855
Mark B Rosenfeld301-921-8855

Who has lived here

John W Biedenkapp301-869-1847

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Roz Wellk Mar 27 20:03

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Needed: 1 Female.I led a secretive life alone do to day to day hustles/struggles one inner thy, two legs - well done. As Damascus Maryland's finest Kreepin' Kerm for one female would like to date Roco...

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