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Union Pl, Irvington NJ street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1-19 2-19 15 1 79
20-35 20-35 24 4 107
36-65 36-65 21 2 227
66-80 66-80 16 - 122
81-99 81-99 11 - 169
100-299 100-298 27 - 277

36-65 Union Pl, Irvington NJ


Multi Family
  • 5 beds
  • 2 baths
  • 2,186 sqft
  • Built in 1928

Who has lived here

Contessia L Smith973-373-4132
Francine Smith973-373-4132
Dyneshia S Smith973-373-4101
Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Occupations
Graduate or professional degree
Giles L Ward
Clement Wayloo


Built in: 1928

Lot size: 2,997 sqft

Floor size: 2,186 sqft

Rooms: 9

Bedrooms: 5

Last remodel year: 2013

Exterior material: Brick, Other

Structure type: Colonial

Roof type: Asphalt

Heat type: Gas

Parking: 6 spaces

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Who has lived here

Prabhavati A Naik
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Who has lived here

Brenda F Alter410-838-4271
Judy Gilchrist
Kayonna Gilchrist973-373-5342
Gertrude Micheline Lauredan973-373-0942
Annie R Smith973-371-9409
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Who has lived here

Edward Amo973-351-8834
Edward Amoah973-351-8834
Nicholas Fia973-351-8834
Medical Pax973-351-8834
Elizabeth Asoro973-371-3166
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Who has lived here

Iyabode O Akanbi
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High Rise

    Who has lived here

    E & D Express, Inc
    Nonclassifiable Establishments
    Purge Nutrition & Wellness
    Health/Allied Services
    P Angela973-373-6834
    P Angella973-374-1253
    Angela Brown973-416-6038
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    Who has lived here

    Scott W Agi973-399-3232
    Scott W Agins973-399-3232
    Timothy M Cheslik973-399-3232
    Ann M Palagiano973-399-3232
    Annmarie Palagiano973-399-3232
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    Who has lived here

    Hermia H Mahipat973-374-6309
    Sewpersaud Mahipat973-374-6309
    Peart C Martin
    Teresa Martin
    Clerical/White Collar
    Glenda Peart
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    Who has lived here

    Chaynae Mcdaniel
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    Who has lived here

    Rochelle C Abrams973-371-6552
    Stacy Abrams973-399-2560
    Theresa Acquah973-371-8375
    Mahadeo Bahadur862-772-4014
    Daniel H Bereket973-375-1346
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    Who has lived here

    Thomas E Whitner973-371-7376
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