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Hastings Newville Rd, Lucas OH street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
3300-4006 3393-3988 10 2 35
4007-4190 4007-4173 10 3 41
4191+ 4191-4567 7 - 37

4191+ Hastings Newville Rd, Lucas OH


Single Family
  • 3 beds
  • 1.5 baths
  • 3,200 sqft
  • Built in 1971

Who has lived here

Gail M Cherney419-892-1929
John D Cherney419-892-1929
Kristina M Tawse419-892-3626
Merrill B Tawse419-892-3626
Sally A Tawse419-892-3626


Built in: 1971

Lot size: 1.15 acres

Floor size: 3,200 sqft

Rooms: 7

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1.5

Stories: 1

Exterior material: Wood

Basement: Finished basement

Heat type: Other

Cooling: Central

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Who has lived here

Judith A Fitzsimmons419-892-2356
Judy A Fitzsimmons419-892-2356
Michael D Fitzsimmons419-892-2356
Mike D Fitzsimmons419-892-2356
Velma L Fitzsimmons419-892-2356
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Who has lived here

Christine E Arthur419-892-3014
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Who has lived here

Heather M Krupa419-892-2129
Larry L Oneil419-892-2129
Thelma K Oneil419-892-2129
Bob A Zimmer419-892-3396
Lindsay M Zimmer419-892-3396
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Who has lived here

Joe Chamberlain419-892-5764
Walter A Krajci419-892-5700
Lesley M Pasquarelli419-892-3101
Melba R Pasquarelli419-892-3101
Paul R Pasquarelli419-892-3101
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Who has lived here

Kent Ewers419-892-2965
David S Fitzsimmons419-892-5742
Olivia D Fitzsimmons419-892-5742
Olivia D Price419-892-5742
Marlene Pachl419-892-5796
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Who has lived here

Jennifer Bernhardt419-892-2336
Jennifer Lea Foss419-892-2336
Jenny Foss419-892-2336
Kyle Foss419-892-2336
Kristal Carroll419-892-2970
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