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Logan Lancaster Rd, Lancaster OH street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1700-3349 1750-3255 10 16 7
3350-3604 3350-3584 10 1 12
3605-3939 3605-3928 26 - 155
3940-4351 3940-4328 10 6 17
4352-5299 4352-5180 8 2 26
5300+ 5308-7500 17 - 25

4352-5299 Logan Lancaster Rd, Lancaster OH

Incidents registered in Federal Emergency Management Agency

15 Mar 2014 Brush, or brush and grass mixture fire
01 Dec 2005 Chimney or flue fire, confined to chimney or flue
06 Aug 2002 Smoke or odor removal
Property Use:
Motor vehicle or boat sales, services, repair

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Who has lived here

6722 - Management Investment Offices, Open-End
Cotner Leisa740-654-5771
Chief Executive
Open-End Investment Funds; Management Investment Offices, Open-End
Betty Comer
Billy J Comer
Cindy L Cook
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Who has lived here

Mark R Boyden740-654-9258
Carla Maria Christian
Christophe Christian
Betty L Dusek
Debbie A Hardwick
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Who has lived here

Larry Herron614-491-9409
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Who has lived here

Lavetta C Miller
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Who has lived here

Jennifer L Bentz
John P Casey
Nathian Ellars
Cynthia A Goss
Jennifer Hintz
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