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Hays St, Boise ID street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1-516 2-515 17 16 60
517-607 517-607 27 3 127
608-707 608-702 19 66 58
708-799 708-721 18 3 82
800-1199 804-1122 69 63 318

708-799 Hays St, Boise ID

Market Activities

Nov 2016 - Nov 2016 Recent Rent
721 Hays St #7
Price history :
  • 1 bed
  • 1 bath

This 1bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment is too good to pass up in the heart of downtown Boise. This...

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Who has lived here

Hood Contracting
Trade Contractor
Woundcare Therapy Systems, Llc
Business type:
Limited Liability Company
May 8, 2008
Thomas G Finnegan208-338-1581
Sarah D Gray
Production Occupations
Graduate or professional degree
G Hoyt
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Who has lived here

Amy J Boothe
Phil Chapman208-338-7849
David Colcord208-345-1684
Sean R Courtright
Michona L Detweiler
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High Rise

    Who has lived here

    Greg Allen Downer208-331-1491
    Christopher M Griffin
    Debbie A Hauer208-388-1828
    Tina D Heikkila208-384-0282
    Meghan S Howard208-342-1959
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    High Rise

      Who has lived here

      Corinne Fuller208-342-6886
      Victor T Hang909-421-9810
      Amy L Johnson208-344-1435
      Kevin P Mellen208-344-1435
      Michael R Kido
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      Who has lived here

      Rowena Anne Kacewicz208-331-3236
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      High Rise

        Who has lived here

        Petite Bouquet Flowers
        Business type:
        Assumed Business Name
        Ann M Boehmer208-345-1563
        Levi D Cecil208-345-1563
        Brian Branson208-433-0225
        Belinda M Byrd208-485-1351
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        Who has lived here

        Gwen Lucile Bradshaw
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        Single-Family Home
        • 2 beds
        • 75 baths
        • Lot: 3,049 sqft
        • Built in 1900

        Who has lived here

        Clark Corbin
        Elsie Hollingsworth208-343-9829
        Dan Jenks
        High school graduate or higher


        Built in: 1900

        Lot size: 3,049 sqft

        Bedrooms: 2

        Bathrooms: 75

        Stories: 1

        Last remodel year: 1933

        Roof type: Other

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        Who has lived here

        Joe H Carpenter208-342-1890
        Shawn Jennings
        Peter Kerrick208-342-0113
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