Chesley Knoll Dr, Gaithersburg MD street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
9000-9040 9005-9039 12 - 39
9041-9122 9041-9121 12 - 43
9123-19799 9123-9847 12 - 31
19800+ 19807-19940 38 15 215

9123-19799 Chesley Knoll Dr, Gaithersburg MD

Fire Incident History

13 May 2013 Cooking fire, confined to container
Property Use:
1 or 2 family dwelling
Area of Origin:
Cooking area, kitchen
First Ignition:
Item First Ignited, Other
Heat Source:
Heat source: other

Incidents registered in Federal Emergency Management Agency

04 Dec 2011 Carbon monoxide incident
Property Use:
1 or 2 family dwelling


Who has lived here

Colleen P Defreitas301-330-1234
Samantha D Defreitas301-330-1234

Who has lived here

Pablo Medina301-869-5291
Gullerno E Montoya301-330-1034
Tawanna D Thomas240-683-8256

Who has lived here

Eliza G Lloyd301-670-0689

Who has lived here

Keith Wiltshire301-963-0069

Alternative address: 9133 Chesley Knoll Dr, Montgomery Village, MD

Who has lived here

M Bercaw301-990-9812
R Bercaw301-990-9812
Irvin S Doye301-926-7157
Virginia L Yoerg301-926-7157
Chukwuma Ewelike301-330-4505

Who has lived here

Ada Canales301-977-1852
Ignacio Luna301-740-1816

Who has lived here

Kaimraj K Ramcharan301-926-9871
Sumintra K Ramcharan301-926-9871

Who has lived here

Kourtney R Strade301-330-5338

Who has lived here

M Matheus301-990-1486
Khalid Mohammed301-977-1453
Noemi Ortiz240-654-3824
Richie Proza240-477-7822

Who has lived here

John Ansah240-654-4167
Ansah Ofosu301-990-9563
F Vaughn240-683-6396
Faye Vaughn-Cooke240-683-6396

Who has lived here

Karen P Delisi301-258-7713
Intan Dewi240-246-7277
Zelie King301-963-1662
Paul A Zuelsdorf301-208-2509

Who has lived here

Jayasree Majumdar301-926-6820

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