The Ultimate Guide to Check Neighborhood Safety 

Neighborhood safety is a primary aspect you must consider while shifting to or buying a new home somewhere. An unsafe locality poses several risks. First, in an unsafe locality, you and your family would be constantly in fear.

Second, going away on a vacation for a couple of days could create concern as to what would happen to your home. Finally, even if you have bought a new home in such a neighborhood, selling it off would be a herculean task as no one would be willing to buy it due to the fear of crime.

Well, this leads to the obvious question of “How to check neighborhood safety?” In this article, we delve into the various ways of checking the safety of a neighborhood.

Let’s get started.

Crime Mapping Services

While there are numerous options to check neighborhood safety, the most prominent are crime mapping services. These online resources offer an easy way to access information readily. Essentially, crime mapping services are online agencies that collect data on crimes committed in various city neighborhoods.

These include information on the type of crime, the details of the offenders, the date and time of occurrence, and more. You just need to enter your address on the website of any such service and get all the details of any crimes that took place in your neighborhood.

Public Websites

Public or government websites are authentic and reliable online sources that offer substantial details on the various crimes that have occurred across the country. Generally, these websites contain an exhaustive list of all the offenders with data on the criminal activities committed by them. As they are government-aided, the data is more accurate than on other online sites.

Their primary objective is to safeguard children from such crimes, and thus you can easily check your neighborhood safety by visiting these websites.

Sale of Homes

Quite often, in neighborhoods where crimes or sexual abuses are rampant, the residents sell off their homes, leaving them vacant and prone to crimes like prostitution or drug-related incidents. A great way to check a neighborhood’s safety is by enquiring about the number of homes for sale. If the number is large, you may need to reconsider staying there or moving to this place, in case you are presently residing elsewhere.

Speaking to residents

It’s natural that someone who’s residing in a locality would be aware of the criminal occurrences, if any, in such a locality. Reach out to someone you know in that neighborhood and seek their opinion. Take their suggestions on whether they would recommend you stay there or shift to this locality.

In case you don’t know anyone, try asking a couple of residents individually, so that based on different opinions, you can arrive at a better decision on the safety of the neighborhood.

Social Media

Online platforms these days constitute one of the primary sources for obtaining any sort of information. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have a huge community where people post and discuss diverse topics. While some people mention just the name of the city on the place of residence, others may offer a little more details such as the locality’s crime level.

All you need to do is enter the locality and city name on the search bar of these websites and click enter. You would see the results displayed based on your criteria, which can give you a list of some people residing or were residents in that locality.

You can try connecting with someone, although most social media require you to be a connection to send messages. In case you are successful in connecting, you can get their contact number or address and visit them in person. Then, If possible, obtain information on local crime incidents and their opinion on the safety of the neighborhood.

Besides, you can check out the posts relevant to your neighborhood or some news items tagged by others on these social channels, which can also offer a lot of useful information in this regard.

Visit the locality

All said, we gain confidence and trust only if we do something ourselves, be it checking the safety of the neighborhood. It certainly makes a difference if you personally pay a visit to the locality where you plan to shift to.

By doing that, you can closely inspect various aspects which could either make you rest assured or let you reconsider your idea of shifting there. For instance, some broken glass panes, ill-maintained or overgrown yards, and such might arouse suspicion with regard to the occurrence of any criminal activities. These aspects could significantly contribute to your decision in moving to or refrain from shifting to that neighborhood.


Are there ways to find out if my neighborhood is safe?

Yes, you can use multiple ways like talking to the residents, accessing public websites, crime mapping services, visiting the locality in person, and more.

Is social media effective in checking the safety of the neighborhood?

Yes, while it is not advisable to completely rely on social channels, however, they could serve as a starting point in finding answers to your query.

Does visiting the neighborhood personally help in arriving at a decision?

Of course. While social media, public websites, and other sources surely offer a good amount of information, by personally visiting the locality, you can get a better picture. By going there, you get a chance to inspect the locality closely and certain signals like too many broken window panes or ill-maintained yards and such could result in you reconsidering your decision to reside there.