Best Guide to Help When You Get Locked Out of Your Apartment

Keys in door

If you ever had the experience of getting locked out of your apartment, you surely realize how stressful and daunting it could be! While there are quite a few ways to get into your apartment when locked out, in such a tense state of mind, it might be difficult to make your presence of mind work.

Well, no worries. Let’s delve into the various simple yet useful methods to help you when you’re locked out of your apartment.

Leasing Authorities

The leasing office usually holds an additional key or rather the main key to your apartment, depending on your community lockout rules. In case this is happening to you for the first time, you will usually receive a replacement key without needing to pay a fee.

However, if this keeps recurring, you could be fined as you are asking for an extra key, each time. It all depends on how your community policies are created. On the flip side, if you are staying on rent, you may reach out to your landlord to request a spare key.

Reach out to a Locksmith

When trapped in such a difficult situation, getting in touch with a locksmith could be the next viable option. Locksmiths usually will be able to unlock your apartment, but try asking them not to damage the lock. Make sure you have a word with your property manager or landlord before taking any serious steps such as getting a new lock for your apartment.

Keep a spare key

In case you are ever faced with the frustrating scenario of getting locked out of your apartment, you must be careful to ensure that you don’t get trapped again. Make it a point to keep a spare key with you whenever you go outside. Carrying a key is no big deal, while it could avoid a lot of unwanted hassles.

Contacting neighbors, friends

In a panic situation, you would often forget the most obvious sources who can come to your immediate help. If you recall any people, like your neighbors, close friends, pet-sitters, etc, whom you might have given a spare key, then without delaying any further, give them a quick call. That can to a great extent get you out of your current situation.

Consider Keyless Entry

In most modern apartments, there is a growing use of smart devices like smart locks which you can operate through Bluetooth, Wi-fi, or voice commands. If you have undergone the stressful experience of getting locked out of your apartment, try talking to your landlord to get your old lock replaced with a smart lock.


What are the possible options to get into the apartment when locked out?

Well, there are multiple ways out like contacting the leasing office which usually has your apartment’s major key, getting in touch with a locksmith, or reaching out to any friends or neighbors, to whom you ever gave a spare key.

Are there any ways of keyless entry to the apartment?

Most modern apartments go for the keyless entry techniques which use high-end devices like smart locks that use Bluetooth, Wifi or voice commands to open the door.

Is it advisable to ask the locksmith to break the lock?

Not really. Mostly, professional locksmiths open the lock without causing any damage to it. Furthermore, if such a situation arises and you are a tenant, do speak to your landlord first before taking any such drastic steps.

Which should I consider the simplest option to avoid getting locked out of my apartment?

The obvious yet simplest way to prevent yourself from getting locked out of the apartment is certainly to always carry a spare key whenever you go outside. Alternatively, you may give one to your close friend or neighbor in the same locality.