1202 Rollins St Columbia, MO 65201-5171

Hudson Hall
A home at 1202 Rollins St, Columbia, MO. It is situated at the end of the street. The full profile for this address includes the names of one hundred thirty-five recent residents.

Fire Incidents History

14 Sep 2014 Building fires
Property Use:
Dormitory type residence, other
Actions Taken:
Incident command
Area of Origin:
Bedroom - 5+ persons; including barrack/dormitory
Property Loss:
Contents Loss:
Contents Value:
16 Mar 2008 Passenger vehicle fire
Property Use:
Vehicle parking area
Actions Taken:
Area of Origin:
Engine area, running gear, wheel area
Passenger road vehicle, other:
Ford F150 1988
License Plate:
Property Loss:
Contents Loss:
Property Value:
Contents Value:

Incidents registered in Federal Emergency Management Agency

21 Jan 2007 Overheated motor
Property Use:
Dormitory type residence, other
Actions Taken:
24 Sep 2006 Cooking fire, confined to container
Property Use:
Barracks, dormitory
Actions Taken:
09 Aug 2005 Fire, other
Property Use:
Graded and cared-for plots of land
Actions Taken:

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#107BJessica Dawn Hodge 65201-5171
#113Carolyn L Giroux 65201-5171
#203Michael D Long 65201-5171
#304DSusan E Barnes 65201-5171
#315Bethany L Catron 65201-5171
#317Michael T Wagner 65201-5171
#322Jacob A Johnson 65201-5171
#419Timothy J Howard 65201-5171
#432Jessica D Kassel 65201-5171
#504BAnna E Zerr 65201-5171
#508Cody S Duffey 65201-5171
#519 BKyle Anderson 65201-5171
#524BJustin E Vermillion 65201-5171
#538Matthew D Gilbert 65201-5171
#539ABarbie D Kuntemeier 65201-5171
#606Jeremy E Vidito 65201-5171
#621ACharles Renn 65201-5171
#706Michael E Vincent 65201-5171
#719BO R Cooper 65201-5171
#725Justin Chopin Walker 65201-5171
#ASarah N Riney 65201-5171
#EAmber Hardaway 65201-5171

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Resident History

Who has lived here

Resident NamePhoneMore Info
Hadiyah A Ali
Anne P Altorfer
Kyle Anderson
#519 B
Derek Ankrom
J R Anth
Jonathan R Anth, ~37
Todd M Arnold
Siu W Au-Yeung, ~48
Heather L Austin, ~41
Samuel A Babalola
James E Barber 660-547-3803
Susan E Barnes, ~41
Michael A Bassitt, ~41
Angela R Bird
Christiane Blackmon 773-548-4820
Christine Blackmon 773-548-4820
Megan Brass, 57
Adam S Buckallew
Terry A Burton, ~61
Noel E Bushing, ~51
Ariana K Carlson, ~37
Bethany L Catron, ~40
Jillian K Cernok, ~41
R Colen
O R Cooper
Orion E Cooper
Kevin Corcoran
Cathy O Denham, ~57
Cody S Duffey, ~44
Angela Hang Duong, ~39
Anna E Dyck, ~38
Jay C Dyck, ~67
Naomi G Dyck, ~66
Mark S Dyonzak, ~47
Jesse L Eickholt, ~40
Carrie E Emerick, ~40
Nancy K Emerick, ~65
Laura J Friz
Kevin Frost
Renee Fuehring
Alishea L Galvin, ~35
Matthew D Gilbert
Karina A Gilpin, ~39
Carolyn L Giroux, ~39
Malika P Hannah, ~40
Amber Hardaway, ~33
Matthew T Heapes
James M Herrick, ~39
Jessica Dawn Hodge
Dan C Holdinghaus, ~69


Elementary school
Robert E. Lee Elementary School
1208 Locust, Columbia, MO 65201
Ulysses S. Grant Elementary School
10 East Broadway, Columbia, MO 65203
Middle school
Ann Hawkins Gentry Middle School
4200 Bethel St, Columbia, MO 65203
Smithton Middle School
3600 West Worley, Columbia, MO 65203
High school
Frederick Douglass High School
310 North Providence Rd, Columbia, MO 65203
Jefferson Jr. High School
713 Rogers, Columbia, MO 65201


1100 Rollins St, Columbia, MO 65201-5172
  • Johnston Hall
Johnston Hall, Umc Campus Dining
1107 Rollins St, Columbia, MO Doug, Bowles Doug
1111 Rollins St, Columbia, MO Dan L Willett, Mary E Willett
1112 Rollins St, Columbia, MO 65201-5154 Ann Jacobson, Anne C Jacobson
1118 Rollins St, Columbia, MO 65201-5154 Rachel N Haverstick, Osmund R Overby
1204 Rollins St, Columbia, MO 65201-5155 Erik J Feather
1206 Rollins St, Columbia, MO 65201-5155 Donald C Dohring
1207 Rollins St, Columbia, MO Pui C Leung, Kwok F Sum
1300 Rollins St, Columbia, MO 65201-5112 Mow It Alls, Llc, Christina Calandro
1306 Rollins St, Columbia, MO 65201-5174
  • Hatch Hall
Buck's Ice Cream Place, Blake Bell

City Forum

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