220 Bookham Ln Gaithersburg, MD 20877-3789

Building Permits

Jul 2, 2013
Description: Installation of 2.5 ton air conditioner and gas furnace
  • Valuation: $651,800
  • Client: John Thompson
  • Parcel #: 160902663493
  • Permit #: MECH-3481-2013
May 13, 2003
Description: Basement finished without permit by previous homeowner. approximately 700 sq. ft. inspector(s) to determine code compliance in field, access to areas behind drywall may be required. call 301-258-6338 to schedule the following inspections: final electrical #2025 final #2030 note: sleeping areas below grade are not permitted without a code conforming emergency escape window or side hinged door. approved as noted on plans and attached comment sheet.
  • Parcel #: 160902663493
  • Permit #: PI-B030395

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John Thompson

Who has lived here

Resident NamePhoneMore Info
Addist Bennett
Xiang Desun 301-208-8956
Truong Q Le, ~45 240-246-0079
Xiang D Sun, ~76 301-209-8956
Mekkla Thompson, ~51 240-477-5922
Legal Professional
Graduate or professional degree
Andrew C Waldron 301-527-0074
Hsiang C Wang, ~72
Mike Wang
Tian Zhang


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