305 28th St New York, NY 10001-7920

High Rise
A high-rise property at 305 28th Street, New York, NY. It is situated at the end of the street. The full profile for this address includes the names of 246 recent residents. Property records indicate one business at this address. The last recorded owners to this possession are Gloria Acevedo and Aninias Ramirez.

Fire Incidents History

19 Jan 2004 Outside equipment fire
Property Use:
Electrical distribution
Actions Taken:
Notify other agencies.
Area of Origin:
Equipment or service area, other

Incidents registered in Federal Emergency Management Agency

11 Oct 2015 Cooking fire, confined to container
Property Use:
Multifamily dwellings
Actions Taken:
05 Mar 2014 Gas leak (natural gas or LPG)
Property Use:
Multifamily dwellings
Actions Taken:
Hazardous materials leak control & containment
18 Oct 2007 Arcing, shorted electrical equipment
Property Use:
Multifamily dwellings
Actions Taken:
Notify other agencies.

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Apt 1AIvan Segarra 10001-7920
Apt 1BRuth Gruenebaum 10001-7920
Apt 1CJoseph Rossi 10001-7920
Apt 1DCooperative 10001-7920
Apt 1EJustina Kuduk 10001-7920
Apt 1FCooperative 10001-7920
Apt 1GCooperative 10001-7920
Apt 1HEsther Blumenfeld 10001-7920
Apt 1JLuke Wongsuwan 10001-7920
Apt 2 JLinda Allaway 10001-7920
Apt 2AAdriana Hernandez 10001-7920
Apt 2BDamel Soto 10001-7920
Apt 2CAnn Morrell 10001-7920
Apt 2DBenjamin Perez 10001-7920
Apt 2EBette A Levine 10001-7920
Apt 2FCooperative 10001-7920
Apt 2HBonnie Williams 10001-7920
Apt 2JEdna Preston 10001-7920
Apt 3ACumanda Silver 10001-7920
Apt 3BAnya Feinberg 10001-7920
Apt 3EJoseph Purk 10001-7920
Apt 3FAnya Feinberg 10001-7920
Apt 3GGloria Acevedo 10001-7920
Apt 3HNaftali Ehrenberg 10001-7920
Apt 3JAaron Levinson 10001-7920
Apt 4ACarolina Ottomanelli 10001-7920
Apt 4BBarbara Gelber 10001-7920
Apt 4CCherly A Bloom 10001-7920
Apt 4DCooperative 10001-7920
Apt 4ENylka Mendoza 10001-7920
Apt 4FAnn D Mirenda 10001-7920
Apt 4GGerman Rodriguez 10001-7920
Apt 4HCooperative 10001-7920
Apt 4JElizabet Conboy 10001-7920
Apt 5-JFrancisco Matos 10001-7920
Apt 5ACooperative 10001-7920
Apt 5BCooperative 10001-7920
Apt 5CDavid M Bodnick 10001-7920
Apt 5DBess Aronoff 10001-7920
Apt 5FJacob Linder 10001-7920
Apt 5GMicaela Guillen 10001-7920
Apt 5HDonna Linsk 10001-7920
Apt 5JA Matos 10001-7920
Apt 6Jeanne Fonseca10001-7923
Apt 6CBlanche S Henning 10001-7920
Apt 6DCooperative 10001-7920
Apt 6FGitelle Kaplan 10001-7920
Apt 6GElizabeth Bisbing 10001-7920
Apt 6HCooperative 10001-7920
Apt 6JBette Levine 10001-7920
Apt 7Cyd Herrmann10001-7926
Apt 7ADavid Rogow 10001-7920
Apt 7BCheryl Zlatkin 10001-7920
Apt 7EThomas Wetmore 10001-7920
Apt 7FCooperative 10001-7920
Apt 7GBlanca Mansfield 10001-7920
Apt 7HMichael Conner 10001-7920
Apt 7JCataldo Scavo 10001-7920
Apt 8Maria Esteban10001-7926
Apt 8AAnna M Ulitsky 10001-7920
Apt 8BAleksandr Pitel 10001-7920
Apt 8CSondra Landin 10001-7920
Apt 8DRegina B Cross 10001-7920
Apt 8EMaria Esteban 10001-7920
Apt 8FBeverle V Gallegos 10001-7920
Apt 8GElaine Esposito 10001-7920
Apt 8HHolly C Stark 10001-7920
Apt 8JCarmen Rodriguez 10001-7920
Apt 9AAnibal Rodriguez 10001-7920
Apt 9CEdward Martinson 10001-7920
Apt 9DTom George 10001-7920
Apt 9FAlan Albert 10001-7920
Apt 9GDaniel Belmonte 10001-7920
Apt 9HJack Raskin 10001-7920
Apt 9JAna Crane 10001-7920
Apt 10BBette F Fial 10001-7920
Apt 10DAndree Campanale 10001-7920
Apt 10EJames Mccain 10001-7920
Apt 10FJanet Alvarez 10001-7920
Apt 10GGeorge Martinez 10001-7920
Apt 10HAnne D Mulvey 10001-7920
Apt 10JStephanie Ward 10001-7920
Apt 11AJonathan Sampson 10001-7920
Apt 11CDanielle S Eber 10001-7920
Apt 11DLucille Waldman 10001-7920
Apt 11EGretchen Beinecke 10001-7920
Apt 11FMyra Ackerman 10001-7920
Apt 11GLou Herz 10001-7920
Apt 11HLillian Rutkofsky 10001-7920
Apt 11JAlexander Zmoira 10001-7920
Apt 12AConsuelo R Aninias 10001-7920
Apt 12BEva Bitter 10001-7920
Apt 12CAbdelmotalib Mohamed 10001-7920
Apt 12DCooperative 10001-7920
Apt 12FCooperative 10001-7920
Apt 12GArnaldo Moncada 10001-7920
Apt 12HElaine Kaye 10001-7920
Apt 12JCooperative 10001-7920
Apt 13AMuriel Banner 10001-7920
Apt 13BRosemary Accurso 10001-7920

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Resident History


OrganizationPhoneMore Info
Netami Usa, Inc
Apt 4D
Business type:
Domestic Business Corporation
Consuelo Ramirez
Apt 12A
MD (Doctor of Medicine)

Who has lived here

Resident NamePhoneMore Info
Celia F Aboff 212-929-5171
Rosemary Accurso
Apt 13B
Executive, Administrative, and Managerial
High school graduate or higher

Historical Records. Businesses

OrganizationPhoneMore Info
No Excuses Fitness, Inc
Apt 5-D
Business type:
Domestic Business Corporation
Sep 12, 1990


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        Amata Llc, Jrm Technology Solutions Inc

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