402 Liberty St Killeen, TX 76543-4046

Residence for Single Family
Meadow Village Apt
A high-rise property at 402 Liberty Street, Killeen, TX. It is situated at the end of the street. The full profile for this address includes the names of ONE HUNDRED TWELVE recent residents. City records show one business currently registered at this location.


Apt 101Christel Rogers76543-4006
Apt 102Deborah S Cone76543-4006
Apt 103Joel H Daley76543-4006
Apt 104Allen Joseph76543-4006
Apt 105Apartment, 1 bed, 1 bath, 670 sqft76543-4006
Apt 106Adriana Mendoza76543-4006
Apt 107Anglea M Dickerson76543-4006
Apt 108Sean Eric Mcmahon76543-4006
Apt 201Angela Jones76543-4006
Apt 202Emigdio Lazaro Perez76543-4006
Apt 204Lisa E Newby76543-4006
Apt 205Julie R Douglas76543-4006
Apt 207Jaclyn Ann Collier76543-4048
Apt 209Scott Juszkiewicz76543-4048
Apt 1015Edward D Cone 76543-4046

Fire Incidents History

11 Sep 2000 Structure fire, other (conversion only)
Property Use:
Multifamily dwellings
Actions Taken:
Area of Origin:
First Ignition:
Appliance housing or casing
Heat Source:
Factors to Ignition:
Unspecified short-circuit arc
Factors to Ignition:
Short circuit arc from mechanical damage
Equipment Involved:
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
Equipment Power:
Electrical, other
Equipment Portability:
Property Loss:

Incidents registered in Federal Emergency Management Agency

31 Jul 2009 Power line down
Property Use:
Multifamily dwellings
Actions Taken:
30 May 2007 Electrical wiring/equipment problem, other
Property Use:
Multifamily dwellings
Actions Taken:
22 May 2003 EMS call, excluding vehicle accident with injury
Property Use:
1 or 2 family dwelling
Actions Taken:
Provide basic life support (BLS)

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HOUSEHOLDERS AND TENANTS for 402 Liberty St, Killeen TX


OrganizationAdditional info
Eric S Roehsner
Nonclassifiable Establishments

Previous residents

Person NamePhone NumberAdditional info
Iris M Allen, ~50 254-526-6167
Melvin Allen 254-519-0748
Gussie B Ashurst, ~83 254-634-0457
Harold T Ashurst, ~90 254-634-0457
Harous T Ashurst, ~90 254-634-0457
Lisa Avalos 254-634-8141
Kristini Jones 254-634-8141
Thaddeus A Benson
Sean P Blanchette, ~38
Jerry M Casillas, ~51 254-519-4439
Denis J Chabot, ~44
Dennis J Chabot, ~44
Linda S Cheatum 254-519-7799
James Inman 254-519-7799
Marion Coath 254-699-5930
Valdimar V Coleman, ~42 254-680-3440
Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations
Jaclyn Ann Collier, ~42
Apt 207
Deborah S Cone, ~48
Apt 102
Edward D Cone, ~87
Apt 1015
Jessica B Conrad 254-519-4021
Gerald Costley
Joel H Daley
Apt 103
C Danzy 254-628-5532
Cinna Danzy 254-628-5532
Tara Davis
Zachary Davis
Anglea M Dickerson, ~63
Apt 107
Kerry G Dickerson
Apt 107
Nicholas Dickson 254-628-1509
William Dildine 254-200-0273
Julie R Douglas
Apt 205
Eric Dumas 254-213-2930
Eyria D Eatmon, ~47
Heather Denise Ellis, ~42 254-616-2808
Joe Esparza 254-213-4776
April R Etheridge, ~47
Ana M Figueroa, ~59 254-699-7061
Annie Marie Gant, ~55
Nikki Gibson 254-634-4187
Tawnie M Gomez, ~42
Janet M Gordon, ~48 603-268-0324
Rosalyn Hillery, ~73 254-501-3900
Brandon M Hopper, ~54 254-634-9452
Production Occupations
Bachelor's degree or higher
Donald Hosea
Apt 205
Mclynn D Howard, ~44
Cecil Jenkins, ~59 254-634-0681
Vance Johnson
Angela Jones
Apt 201
Sherrhonda A Jones 254-526-6891


Street AddressPeople
234 Liberty St, Killeen, TX Alan J Sims
301 Liberty St, Killeen, TX 76543-4068
High Rise
  • Liberty Manor Apt
  • 2 beds
  • 1 bath
Setorian T Barnes, Ben A Beals
303 Liberty St, Killeen, TX 76543-4010 Sedrick M Evens
305 Liberty St, Killeen, TX 76543-4070
Multi-Family Home
  • Liberty Manor Apt
  • 1 bath
  • Lot: 0.53 acres
  • Built in 1977
Anthony Wayne Alexander, F Arroyo
385 Liberty St, Killeen, TX Tegan M Crader, Tegan Wilson
400 Liberty St, Killeen, TX 76543-4071
Multi-Family Home
  • Meadow Village Apt
  • 1 bath
  • Lot: 1.36 acres
  • Built in 1977
Chandra Ahamad, Anabel Alamo
404 Liberty St, Killeen, TX 76543-4007
High Rise
  • Meadow Village Apt
Tanya D Anthony, Christophe E Arnett
405 Liberty St, Killeen, TX 76543-4024 Artisan Investments, Llc, Artisan Restoration, Llc
421 Liberty St, Killeen, TX 76543-4024 Billy Bob's Burgers, Billy Bob's Burgers
501 Liberty St, Killeen, TX 76543-4047 Billy Bob's Burgers, Llc, Brian And Tony Llc

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