611 Canyon Blvd John Day, OR 97845-1052

High Rise
The high-rise property is situated at the end of the street at 611 Canyon Blvd, John Day, OR. Address history shows the names of 40 recent residents.


#DNicholas Allen 97845-1052
#FChester L Day97845-1061

Resident History

Who has lived here

Resident NamePhoneMore Info
Nicholas Allen
Larry Amell, ~65
Hollee A Angelo, ~40
Jane E Beshore
Brad Bolin 541-932-2746
Bradley Bolin 541-575-4236
Kevin W Brock, ~48
Kathy E Caughlin, ~58
Mary E Clark
Amy Collman 541-575-5510
Patrick Cook 541-575-2931
Sales Occupations
High school graduate or higher
Chester L Day, ~66
Melissa E Debernardi, ~46
Robert E Debernardi
Jeff Furtney 541-575-3780
Rebekah Landis 541-575-4249
Avila Leon, ~56
Irene A Leon
Lorna Mankins, ~59
Cory B Martin
Steven Nephew 541-575-5600
Armando Ortiz 541-575-2009
Darlene Parsons 541-575-0046
Cliff Pease
Cathy Phelps 541-575-0884
Brittany Schon 541-575-5581
Jason Seals 541-575-3679
Georgia R Shank
Julie Siers 541-575-4350
Ariel Starr 541-575-4240
Philomena Sturgill 541-575-0227
Jeanette P Teats, ~71 541-575-3506
Jeannette Teats
John Thoreson, ~52
Stephen C Tromley
Stephens C Tromly
Kenneth J Williams, ~67
Amy Sue Winegar
Emily Sue Wood, ~52
Kenneth K Wright, ~90
Nick Wyllie 541-575-5559


High school
Grant Union Junior/Senior High School
911 South Canyon Blvd, John Day, OR 97845
Blue Mountain Alternative High School
116 Nw Bridge St 8, John Day, OR 97845


503 Canyon Blvd, John Day, OR 97845-1050 Kristi B Hensley, B Kristi
510 Canyon Blvd, John Day, OR 97845-1051 William C Hulick
600 Canyon Blvd, John Day, OR 97845-1053 Ive Been Framed, Dark Horse Group
601 Canyon Blvd, John Day, OR 97845-1052 Carpenter & Joslin Pc Attys At, Jim Beauvais, Pc
631 Canyon Blvd, John Day, OR 97845-1052 Clayton Auto Repair, M & L Auto Repair
700 Canyon Blvd, John Day, OR 97845-1055 1St Choice Autobody, Llc, Huffmans Market
721 Canyon Blvd, John Day, OR 97845-1054 Farm Service Agency, Natural Rsrces Conservation Service
59808 Canyon Blvd, John Day, OR Pete Mcdaniel
61988 Canyon Blvd, John Day, OR Robert B Lynch
63622 Canyon Blvd, John Day, OR Rex Moles

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