8830 Saddlehorn Dr Irving, TX 75063-4565

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#2Joan Ellen Robinson 75063-4565
#175Diana Caldwell75063-6561
#176Chuck Jones75063-6561
#178Anand Kannan75063-6561
#179Roxanna S Johnson75063-6561
#180Leigh B Clark75063-6561
#275Charlene Collins75063-6574
#276Lenae Michelle Moore75063-6574
#279T M Naik75063-6575
#280Kim San Neou75063-6575
#378AGILEFIN, INC75063-6582

Fire Incidents History

05 Dec 1999 Outside rubbish fire, other
Property Use:
Vehicle parking area
Actions Taken:
Area of Origin:
Chute/container - trash, rubbish, waste
First Ignition:
Rubbish, trash, or waste
Heat Source:
Hot ember or ash
Factors to Ignition:
Abandoned or discarded materials or products

Incidents registered in Federal Emergency Management Agency

23 Apr 2004 Arcing, shorted electrical equipment
Property Use:
Multifamily dwellings
Actions Taken:
Action taken, other
Property Loss:
Property Value:
05 Jul 2003 Rescue, emergency medical call (EMS) call, other
Property Use:
Residential, other
Actions Taken:
Emergency medical services, other
Property Loss:
Property Value:
17 Jul 2001 Emergency medical service, other (conversion only)
Property Use:
Residential, other
Actions Taken:
Transport person
Property Loss:
Property Value:

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HOUSEHOLDERS AND TENANTS for 8830 Saddlehorn Dr, Irving TX


OrganizationAdditional info
Agilefin, Inc
Reign In Life Church
Religious Organization
Type of Business:
Domestic Nonprofit Corporation

Previous residents

Person NamePhone NumberAdditional info
Patcharin Afshar
Shamima Akter 972-910-9128
Lisa L Albers 972-556-0630
Rama Anumolu 972-444-0927
Eric Atwood 972-401-0864
Robin Atwood 972-401-0864
Bianca Ausborne 972-409-0967
Vartika Bansal 972-556-9820
Puneesh Goel 972-556-9820
Vartika Goel 972-556-9820
Lynn M Blevins
D Block 972-409-0292
Debbie Block 972-409-0292
Duane Lock 972-409-0292
Richard Bowser 972-432-0376
Christophe B Browne 972-506-7381
Bruce J Bulmer
Cassandra C Bulmer 214-496-0884
A Lemons 214-496-0884
Chandra A Bulmer
Natalie K Byers 972-831-1289
Diana Caldwell
Valaine T Carney 972-506-9759
Samuel Carrera 972-910-0272
Alicia Jean Chan 480-456-5940
Janani Chandrasekaran 972-910-0482
Daniel Chanyalew 972-409-0501
Rahul Chougule 972-831-8924
Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Occupations
Graduate or professional degree
Sweta Christian 972-506-7166
Jolanta V Cichon 972-910-9089
Jennifer A Clare 972-869-2590
Leigh B Clark
Ashley Clepper 972-444-9477
Charlene Collins
Shawn Cromer 972-409-0584
Colleen A Crotty
Zeljko Cvitkovic
Elizabeth A Danapas 972-910-9033
Ken E Danapas 972-910-9033
Tony G Danapas 972-910-9033
Mary Cleo Denton
David L Dutcher 972-869-3587
Mary Suzanne Elder
Darren M Ford
Marc J Fratter
Stephanie R Fredieu 972-556-9692
Thomas Goodman
Construction and Extraction Occupations
High school graduate or higher
Hitesh Goradia 972-869-9787


Street AddressPeople
8822 Saddlehorn Dr, Irving, TX 75063-4565 Ability Consultants Inc, Kumar Abhishek
8824 Saddlehorn Dr, Irving, TX 75063-4565 Just Bless Auto, Sayuri Business Corp
8825 Saddlehorn Dr, Irving, TX Marcus A Miller
8826 Saddlehorn Dr, Irving, TX 75063-4565 Bubujika Photography / Asapphire, Buytodds.com
8828 Saddlehorn Dr, Irving, TX 75063-4565 Flow Integration Llc, Veritas Facility Services, Llc
8829 Saddlehorn Dr, Irving, TX Steven W Goodrich, Peggy Sue Ross
8832 Saddlehorn Dr, Irving, TX 75063-4565 Debonaire Computer Solutions Llc, Erving Magic Touch, Llc
8880 Saddlehorn Dr, Irving, TX 75063
9452 Saddlehorn Dr, Irving, TX Yiqian Yan
9800 Saddlehorn Dr, Irving, TX 75063
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