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2Nd St, Pocomoke City MD street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1-32 1-14 25 2 123
33-402 33-402 10 7 48
403-603 403-603 13 5 41
604-699 604-612 10 1 50
700-899 700-828 50 4 253

1-32 2Nd St, Pocomoke City MD


Who has lived here

Catherine B Baranauskas410-957-6515
Catherin M Prigg410-957-6515
Catherine M Prigg410-957-6515
Lawrence L Prigg410-957-6515
Arshad Begum410-957-6674
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Who has lived here

Richard N Blake410-632-0465
William Bucevicius
William H Buchanan
Brandi L Clarke
Debra L Dennis410-957-1035
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Who has lived here

Bowen P Padbury410-957-2593
Harry R Padbury410-957-2593
John B Padbury410-957-2593
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Multi-Family Home
  • Lot: 0.28 acres

Who has lived here

J P Ayres410-957-0631
Francis J Bevins410-957-3379
Valerie L Bevins410-957-3379
Hazel Bierer410-957-4015
Clifford Bransford


Lot size: 0.28 acres

Stories: 3

Heat type: Hot Water

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Alternative address: 6 2nd St, Pocomoke, MD 21851-1027

Who has lived here

Kate M Brown410-957-1396 Homeowner High school graduate or higher
Kathleen M Brown443-437-7298
Betty B Stripling410-957-1652 Homeowner Precision Production Occupations Graduate or professional degree
John H Stripling410-957-1652
Jon H Stripling410-957-1652
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Who has lived here

Jennifer Downs410-957-4556
Pamela B Downs410-957-4556
Pam B Downs410-957-3059
Chris Gebo410-957-3059
P B Gebo410-957-3059
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Who has lived here

Holly D Kennedy410-957-4725
Leanne M Kennedy410-957-4725 Homeowner Administration/Managerial Associate degree or higher r...@aol.com
Randy Kennedy Homeowner Military High school graduate or higher r...@ezy.net
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Alternative address: 11 2nd St, Pocomoke, MD 21851-1026

Who has lived here

David Tittermary410-957-0647 Homeowner Administration/Managerial d...@bellsouth.net
Elizabeth W Tittermary410-957-0647 Homeowner Clerical/White Collar Associate degree or higher
Lisa Tittermary410-957-0647 Homeowner Production Occupations Associate degree or higher
Rebecca Tittermary410-957-0647
Richard P Tittermary410-957-0647 Homeowner Professional/Technical High school graduate or higher
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Alternative address: 12 2nd St, Pocomoke, MD 21851-1027

Who has lived here

Coastal Farm And Land, Llc General Crop Farm, General Farms, Primarily Crop
Loreto And Walt Properties Llc Nonresidential Building Operator
Dorothy Stringfellow Renter Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations Associate degree or higher
Edward L Weilbacher410-957-4346 Homeowner Professional/Technical Associate degree or higher
Lindsey S Weilbacher410-957-4346 Homeowner
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High Rise

    Who has lived here

    Vernon B Baylis
    Sadie Bryd410-957-4196
    Sadie Byrd410-957-9952
    Susie C Cooper410-957-0414
    Emory B Davis410-957-1148
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