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4Th St, Hempstead TX street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
100-324 104-312 10 - 18
325-529 325-525 12 - 27
530-804 530-730 10 1 23
805-1224 805-1209 10 - 17
1225-1299 1225-1246 7 - 14
1300+ 1310-2125 64 4 243

100-324 4Th St, Hempstead TX

Fire Incident History

16 Jul 2005 Mobile property (vehicle) fire, other
Property Use:
Outside or special property, other
Area of Origin:
Storage area, other
First Ignition:
Item First Ignited, Other
Heat Source:
Heat from powered equipment, other

Incidents registered in Federal Emergency Management Agency

06 Apr 2015 Cooking fire, confined to container
16 Dec 2005 Fire, other
Property Use:
Multifamily dwellings


Who has lived here

Sandra Sanders Lloyd
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  • Lot: 6,273 sqft


Lot size: 6,273 sqft

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Who has lived here

Jimmie G Cutright
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Who has lived here

Nelwyn Coburn979-826-8491
Earl Gants832-483-6277
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Who has lived here

Russel Forest979-826-4906
Russell Forrest979-826-4906
Leroy Livingston979-826-4906
Greta Thompson979-921-0461
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Who has lived here

Mayra Boulds979-826-0293
Hyacinth Curtis979-921-0582
Hyacinth Hope979-921-0582
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Who has lived here

Monic Momon979-826-4923
Audra Smith979-921-9497
C Steward
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Who has lived here

Lorine Harmon979-826-2371
Lakisha Murray979-921-0246
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Who has lived here

Duria Gertman979-777-7743
Handlers, Equipment Cleaners, Helpers, and Laborers Occupations
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