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Burlington Rd, Roxboro NC street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1-100 1-96 11 3 12
101-269 101-265 11 7 35
270-367 270-357 11 1 48
368-699 368-605 12 23 10
700-1599 704-1561 51 12 118

1-100 Burlington Rd, Roxboro NC


Who has lived here

Northside Auto Inc336-599-9992 Bad Credit, No Credit Used & Pre-Owned Cars Ret Used Automobiles, Car Sales
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Who has lived here

Earl N Eakes336-599-2407 Homeowner Associate degree or higher
Victoria Eakes336-599-2407
Casey Harris k...@aol.com
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Who has lived here

Kelly Bullock336-599-4056 Homeowner Professional Specialty Occupations Bachelor's degree or higher n...@yahoo.com
Ray R Bullock336-599-4056 Homeowner
Shirly S Bullock336-599-4056
Shirley Bullock910-599-4056 Homeowner Retired High school graduate or higher
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Who has lived here

Darlene's Sewing Place336-599-7470 Alterations
John Kirby Electrical336-583-8246 Electric Contractors Residential
Clayvon Allen336-599-7342 Homeowner Sales Occupations Bachelor's degree or higher
Crystal Snow336-599-4721
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Who has lived here

Bennie W Pergerson336-599-6162
Clytie W Pergerson336-599-6162 Homeowner Retired Associate degree or higher
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