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Grand St, Schoolcraft MI street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
100-131 100-130 16 23 42
132-202 132-201 10 22 33
203-222 203-222 12 14 61
223-299 223-245 10 17 12
300+ 304-710 56 80 163

100-131 Grand St, Schoolcraft MI


Who has lived here

Independent Energies, Inc Domestic Profit Corporation
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Who has lived here

Anita Ritter Investments Security Broker/Dealer
Edward Jones269-679-5900 Financial Advisor
Corey Burton269-679-5900
Anita Ritter269-679-5900
Edward Jones - Financial Advisor: Sean A Budlong888-984-2194 Annuities, Investments, Stocks & Bonds api.citygridmedia.com
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Who has lived here

Antique Gallery On Grand269-679-4018 Antiques
The Dan Gregart Agency, Inc Membership Organization Domestic Profit Corporation
The Dan Gregart Agency-Farm Bureau Membership Organization
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Who has lived here

F.s.m., Inc Domestic Profit Corporation
Ignatz Enterprises, Inc Domestic Profit Corporation
Mais Chiropractic Clinic Pc269-679-5530 Chiropractor's Office Domestic Professional Service Corporation
Mais Chiropractic Clinic P C269-679-5530 Chiropractors
Lyndsey Blakeney269-679-5530 Medical MT
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Single Family Residential
  • 1 bath
  • Lot: 8,276 sqft
  • Built in 1920

Who has lived here

Dena R Holman
Jesse E Rochholz269-679-5513
Sandra K Rochholz269-679-5513
Rose M Rochholz616-679-5513


Built in: 1920

Lot size: 8,276 sqft

Bathrooms: 1

Stories: 2

Basement: Basement (not specified)

Heat type: Forced air unit

Parking: Garage

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Who has lived here

Martin D Hartzell
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Who has lived here

Dennis F Mcnally616-679-4535
Bruce G Uridge616-679-4535
David Bruce Uridge616-679-4535
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Who has lived here

Avink Funeral Home Inc269-679-5622 Funeral Homes, Cremation Services, Funeral Related Services, Funeral Homes & Directors Funeral Service/Crematory, Funeral Homes Domestic Profit Corporation avinkcremation.com
Avink Funeral Home Cremation269-679-5622 Funeral Homes
Avink Funeral Home Cremations269-679-5622 Funeral Service/crematory
Avink Funeral Home Cremation Society269-679-5622 Cremation Services, Funeral Homes & Directors avinkcremation.com
Henry Iv269-679-5622 Avink Funeral Home Cremation Society Mr. Henry John Avink IV
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Who has lived here

Bobbie J Truesdell616-679-5494
William H Truesdell269-679-5494
Bobbie J Trusdell269-679-5494
Bobbi Trusdell
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