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Levin Ave, Tulare CA street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
500-1312 560-1309 14 33 36
1313-1416 1313-1412 16 2 65
1417-1466 1417-1466 14 1 42
1467-1548 1467-1539 13 3 54
1549-1599 1549-1599 9 - 54
1600+ 1606-2064 50 6 218

500-1312 Levin Ave, Tulare CA

Market Activities

Sep 2016 - Sep 2016 Sold
1650 Levin Ave
Price history :
  • Single-Family Home
  • 1,100 sqft
  • 3 beds
  • 2 baths
Apr 2016 - Aug 2016 Sold
1574 Levin Ave
Price history :
  • Single-Family Home
  • 1,333 sqft
  • 6,571 sqft
  • 3 beds
  • 2 baths


Who has lived here

Molesco Corporation559-686-8665
Levin Morris559-686-8665
Moleso Corporation Articles of Incorporation
M F Atlas559-686-0466
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Who has lived here

California Valley Vault Company, Inc559-685-0795 Safes & Vaults, Monuments & Markers Dealers Mfg Burial Vaults Articles of Incorporation
Koster Company, Inc Mfg Concrete Products
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Who has lived here

Gearhart Insulation Inc559-277-6920
559-688-1621 (Fax)
Fireplaces,New Construction Insulation Contractors Insulation
Tranter559-686-1840 Computer Software, Help Desk Services Custom Computer Programing www.tranter.com
Jeanette A Freitas
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Who has lived here

Apv Usa Auto Exhaust Repair
559-685-5241 (Fax)
Repair Shops
Rexnord Industries, Llc559-685-7400 Mfg Power Transmission Equipment
Spx Flow Technology Systems Inc Business Services
Jeanette A Freitas
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Who has lived here

Saputo Cheese559-687-9999 Grocers - Wholesale
Saputo Cheese Usa Inc559-687-9999
559-687-9444 (Fax)
Mfg Cheese, Cheese Manufacturing, Cheese Mfg 2022 - Natural, Processed, and Imitation Cheese 202201 - Cheese Processors saputo.com
Saputo Cheeseusainc559-687-9999
559-687-9444 (Fax)
Cheese Wholesale & Manufacturers, Food Products Wholesale & Manufacturers saputo.com
Stella Cheese559-687-9999 Accounting, Cheese Manufacturing 2022 - Natural, Processed, and Imitation Cheese
Bob Timmons559-687-9999
559-687-9444 (Fax)
b...@saputo.com Saputo Cheese USA Inc Chief Operating Officer Cheese Mfg saputo.com Cheese Manufacturing; Natural, Processed, and Imitation Cheese
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Who has lived here

Tol Inc559-686-2844
559-685-1006 (Fax)
Exporters, Farm Equipment & Supplies Dealers, Orchard Equipment & Supplies Marketing and Advertising, Farm Machinery & Equip Mfg 3523 - Farm Machinery and Equipment www.tol-inc.com
Scott Harmon559-686-2844
559-685-1006 (Fax)
s...@tol-inc.com Tol Inc Manager Farm Machinery & Equip Mfg tol-inc.com Farm Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing; Farm Machinery and Equipment
Tom Tucker559-568-1542
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Who has lived here

Cal-State Distributing Inc559-686-9572 Whol Plumbing Equipment/supplies Whol Electronic Parts/equipment 507403 - Pipe-Used (Wholesale)
Dan Freitas Electric Inc559-686-9572
559-686-0323 (Fax)
877-373-4827 (Free)
Contractors - Electrical, Electric Contractors Residential Other Electronic Parts And Equipment Merchant Wholesalers Articles of Incorporation 1731 - Electrical Work 173101 - Electric Contractors www.danfreitaselectric.com
Dan Cuevas559-686-9572
Dan Ele559-686-9572
Dan Freitas559-686-9572
559-686-0323 (Fax)
d...@danfreitaselectric.com Dan Freitas Electric Inc Owner Other Electronic Parts and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers danfreitaselectric.com Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors; Electrical Work
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Multi-Family Home
  • 8 beds
  • 4 baths
  • Lot: 3,072 sqft
  • Built in 1984

Who has lived here

Ana Cortez Renter Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
Angela Hargis Homeowner Production Occupations Associate degree or higher
Avalina M Jones559-685-0957
Davonte Jones559-686-6552
Sarjit S Malli


Built in: 1984

Construction: Wood

Bedrooms: 8

Stories: 1

Parking: Carport

Parking spaces: 4

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Who has lived here

Paul R Aguayo559-688-1228
Juventino Bobadilla559-687-8148
Monique Hernandez559-687-1443
Adrian Mendez559-688-7761
Shelly Phillips559-684-1355
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Who has lived here

Kristy Avila k...@bellsouth.net
Pam Avila559-685-1407
Pam Avilla559-687-0891
Vargas M Carmona559-687-0116
Maria Godinez
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