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Main St, Cleves OH street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1-16 1-16 11 2 108
17-36 17-36 10 1 27
37-55 37-51 12 1 28
56-77 56-76 12 1 38
78-99 78-92 8 - 15
100-199 100-165 29 6 84

1-16 Main St, Cleves OH

Market Activities

Dec 2016 - Dec 2016 Recent Rent
74 Main St
Price history :
  • 1536 sqft
  • 3 beds
  • 2 baths

Move In December and receive free rent for December and January. No rent payment until February...


Who has lived here

Catalina Apts
Apartment Building Operator Misc Personal Services
Anne M Acito513-467-1871
Macarth A Arrington513-941-5392
Macarthur A Arrington513-941-5392
Frank E Cappel513-941-5392
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Who has lived here

Angela Roberts513-467-0058
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Who has lived here

Kief Signs513-941-8800 (Fax)
Signs Wholesale & Manufacturers
Signs, Signs (Manufacturers)
3993 - Signs and Advertising Specialties
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Who has lived here

Harlan K Campbell513-941-6989
Kenneth Campbell513-941-6989
Pam Roundtree513-941-6989
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Who has lived here

Craig R Weis
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Who has lived here

Janella F Hartness513-941-2481
Jannella Hartness513-467-1468
Bobby J Hudler513-941-8142
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Who has lived here

Jacquline Frommel513-941-2632
David M Wilburn513-941-8324
Martha M Wilburn513-941-8324
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Who has lived here

Michelle H Ernest513-467-1390
William Ernest513-467-1390
Albert J Rountree513-941-6706
Donna R Rountree513-941-6706
Peggy Rountree513-941-6706
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Who has lived here

Sonya Stinson513-467-1642
Tonya A Strunk513-941-5601
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Who has lived here

Deborah R Pillow513-941-8300
Deborah P Pollow513-941-8300
Kenneth Pollow513-941-8300
Debbie L Stein513-235-5440
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City Forum

Boiman & Myers, Inc Apr 18 10:23

Other Services >> Boiman & Myers, Inc

Address: 7324 Buena Vista, Cleves, OH 45002, United States Phone: 513-353-1000 Category : Foundation Repairs, Waterproofing Contractors, Home Improvement Website: http://boimanandmyers.com/ ...
A.s.a.p. Critter People Apr 10 09:17

Other Services >> A.S.A.P. Critter People

Address: 5150 E. Miami River Road, Cleves, OH 45002, USA Phone: 513-941-0258 Website URL: http://asapcritterpeople.com/ Bus email: mary@asapcritterpeople.com "Many Ohio residents have the unique...

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