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Maple St, Yankton SD street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
200-311 200-311 12 1 49
312-411 312-411 10 1 49
412-513 412-512 11 1 43
514-607 514-607 10 3 43
608-699 608-617 7 2 23
700+ 700-1407 45 8 203

200-311 Maple St, Yankton SD

Market Activities

Sep 2016 - present Listed for sale
511 Maple St
Price history :
  • Single-Family Home
  • 10,500 sqft
  • 3 beds
  • 2 baths


Single Family

    Who has lived here

    Andrew Foxhoven605-624-8234
    Dennis R Mitchell605-665-8198
    Mary I Mitchell605-665-8198
    Katrina Smith605-260-6666
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    Single Family

      Who has lived here

      J.a.a., Llc Business Services at Non-Commercial Site, Nonclassifiable Establishments
      James A Ahrendt605-665-1111
      Kelly A Ahrendt605-665-1111
      Shirlev Ahrendt605-665-1111
      Shirley A Ahrendt605-665-1111
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      Who has lived here

      Steve M Poznicek605-665-5464
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      Who has lived here

      Philip C Hackworth605-260-1049
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      Who has lived here

      Connie Bergin
      Kim A Drotzmann
      Julie J Haro605-665-2127
      Angela M Leader
      Danny Osborne605-665-1881
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      Single Family
      • 4 beds
      • 3.5 baths
      • Lot: 0.3 acres
      • Built in 1936

      Who has lived here

      Irene Cihak Renter Handlers, Equipment Cleaners, Helpers, and Laborers Occupations Associate degree or higher
      Allen Koliner605-520-4147 Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations High school graduate or higher
      Kay Koliner605-665-9082
      Les A Moller605-260-0517
      Mary A Moller605-689-0146


      Built in: 1936

      Lot size: 0.3 acres

      Bedrooms: 4

      Bathrooms: 3.5

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      Who has lived here

      A C Fitzgerald605-665-2647
      Alan C Fitzgerald605-665-2647 a...@flash.net
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      High Rise

        Who has lived here

        Haley M Dring605-260-7116
        Lynn Dusatko
        Alyssa Gortner605-668-9516
        Javier Murguia605-260-9742
        Roger A Schweitzer605-668-0090
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        Who has lived here

        Stella Branstiter605-260-0148
        Barbara A Burgeson605-668-0154
        Donald R Burgeson605-668-0154
        Michael D Burgeson605-668-0154
        Katie Campbell605-665-6342 Renter Machine Operators, Assemblers, and Inspectors Occupations Bachelor's degree or higher
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        Single Family

          Who has lived here

          Gary Mcdonald605-520-4705 Homeowner Technicians and Related Support Occupations Associate degree or higher
          Karen Mcdonald605-665-4205
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