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Patencio Rd, Palm Springs CA street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
200-299 200-299 34 8 109
300-414 300-395 10 4 28
415-590 415-588 11 5 41
591-874 591-853 10 7 40
875+ 875-999 9 8 31

200-299 Patencio Rd, Palm Springs CA


Who has lived here

Small Hotels Of Palm Springs, Inc Articles of Incorporation
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Multi Family
  • 9 beds
  • 9 baths
  • 10,875 sqft
  • Built in 1900

Who has lived here

Old Ranch Inn760-778-8900 Hotels Hotel/Motel Operation www.oldranchinn.com
Alfred Armenta760-318-9780
Paul H Avriette760-416-9713
Romeo Barrios760-416-5681
John Clabuesch760-322-0362


Built in: 1900

Lot size: 0.26 acres

Floor size: 10,875 sqft

Bedrooms: 9

Stories: 1

Exterior: Hard Coat Stucco,Wood

Heat type: other

Cooling: Other

Parking: 0 space

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Who has lived here

Pilger Associates Incorporated Business Services Articles of Incorporation
Ann T Abercrombie760-318-9336
Anne T Abercrombie760-318-9336 Homeowner
Thomas G Abercrombie760-318-9336
Larry Aldrich760-327-9837
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Who has lived here

Margeuritte Desert
Hal J Hall760-320-1503
Barbara Mj Mcalpine760-694-4604
Kathy Joelle Samoun
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Who has lived here

Coyote Inn, Llc760-327-0304 Motels Motel Domestic 7011 - Hotels and Motels coyoteinn.net
Gary G Nold760-327-0304 s...@coyoteinn.net Coyote Inn Owner Hotels & Motels, Except Casino Hotels coyoteinn.net Hotels (except Casino Hotels) and Motels; Hotels and Motels
Vrm, Inc Business Services at Non-Commercial Site Articles of Incorporation
Bryan Christopher
Patrick G Holt
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Who has lived here

Sylvie Francoise Labau
Jonathan Clark Minnis
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Who has lived here

Korakia Pensione Historic760-864-6411 Year- round heated pools, Spa services available, Weekend Yoga, Complimentary Breakfast Hotels Printing korakia.com
Makar Korakia Pensione, Llc Hotel/Motel Operation
Brad Thomas Bridgman760-656-2730
Angela Marie Ealy760-564-6317
Barbara Mj Mcalpine760-694-4604
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High Rise

    Who has lived here

    David Armour
    Bernard A Baird
    Cyndi Bass205-981-4531
    Kevin Feldsher
    Karen Futernick
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    Multi-Family Home
    • 2 beds
    • 2 baths

    Who has lived here

    Donald A Kock
    Brad Mcdaniel760-320-8442
    Elia Paula Homeowner Educator
    John T Torre760-323-5700
    Lowell S Weymouth760-327-8996
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    Multi-Family Home
    • 1 bed
    • 1 bath

    Who has lived here

    Joseph C Anthony
    Alan Berner760-323-9001
    Maria Bertolino760-325-2934
    Jorge Borrego760-322-9681
    Jacqueline Warne Bower
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