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Portland Rd, Kennebunk ME street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1-27 1-25 12 18 51
28-55 28-55 18 81 27
56-69 56-67 41 243 77
70-90 70-88 13 50 39
91+ 91-2564 10 11 3

1-27 Portland Rd, Kennebunk ME

Market Activities

Sep 2016 - Oct 2016 Recent Rent
7 Portland Rd
Price history :
  • 1800 sqft
  • 3 beds
  • 2 baths

Walk to everything that Kennebunk's Village Historic District has to offer from this unique...


Who has lived here

Jenna Batchelder
Amy S Dargy207-985-6131
Jack Jones207-985-6131
Melissa A Jones603-524-9006
Ann M Knoepfel207-985-2972 Homeowner Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Occupations High school graduate or higher
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  • 3 beds
  • 2 baths
  • Lot: 1800 sqft

Who has lived here

St Andrews Presbyterian Church207-985-4303 Religious Organization 8661 - Religious Organizations 866107 - Churches saintandrews.mainpage.net
George Hardy207-985-4303 g...@saintandrews.mainpage.net St Andrews Presbyterian Church Religious Leader Religious Organization saintandrews.mainpage.net Religious Organizations; Religious Organizations
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Who has lived here

Osborne House Enterprises Business Services
Peggy Carboni Antiques Ret Used Merchandise
Lisa A Carboni207-985-3724 Homeowner Professional/Technical Graduate or professional degree
M S Carboni207-985-3724
Margaret Carboni207-985-3724 Homeowner Handlers, Equipment Cleaners, Helpers, and Laborers Occupations High school graduate or higher
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Who has lived here

Geraldine K Waterhouse207-985-4834
Homer S Waterhouse207-985-4834 Homeowner Legal Professional Associate degree or higher
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Who has lived here

Pamela Berry207-467-3333
Lou Schwicker207-467-3333
Louis Schwicker207-467-3333
Pam Schwicker207-467-3333
Lendall A Smith207-985-2673
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Who has lived here

Adams Carol207-985-6006
Michael E Carver
Elaine M Lyons207-985-5625
Christophe Madden207-985-5625
Christopher M Madden207-985-5625 Homeowner Clerical/White Collar Associate degree or higher
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Who has lived here

Wayne Dumas207-985-4757
Marguerite F Kennedy207-985-4844
Grant M Nelson207-985-9794
Patrica H Olstad207-985-5747
Patricia H Olstad207-985-5747
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Who has lived here

Mary W Aaskov207-985-7078
Michael D Aaskov207-985-7078 Renter Sales Occupations Associate degree or higher
Kurt Folsom207-985-3461
Laurence B Folsom207-985-3461
Mary C Folsom207-985-3461 Homeowner Protective Service Occupations
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High Rise

    Who has lived here

    Calvin Fuhrmann Md207-985-3726 Medical Doctor's Office
    Earl R Freeman207-985-3726
    Calvin Fuhrmann207-985-3726 Kennebunk Medical Center Medical MD (Doctor of Medicine)
    Charles Parent207-985-3726 Medical DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine)
    Christopher Silva207-985-3726
    207-985-9293 (Fax)
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    Single Family
    • 5 beds
    • 1.5 baths
    • 2,376 sqft
    • Built in 1905

    Who has lived here

    Mary W Aaskov207-985-7078 Homeowner Professional/Technical High school graduate or higher
    Michael D Aaskov207-985-7078
    Sarah Aaskov207-985-7078 Homeowner
    K M Stross
    Elizabeth Whitney


    Built in: 1905

    Lot size: 0.5 acres

    Floor size: 2,376 sqft

    Rooms: 9

    Bedrooms: 5

    Bathrooms: 1.5

    Stories: 2

    Exterior material: Other

    Roof type: Metal

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