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Sims St, Bainbridge GA street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1-202 92-200 27 - 143
203-418 203-416 13 15 42
419-499 419-436 11 3 15
500-520 500-519 11 - 49
521-699 521-609 8 1 29
700+ 700-1008 69 2 197

1-202 Sims St, Bainbridge GA


Who has lived here

Barbara Weatherford
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Who has lived here

Shendora Adams
Monica R Calloway229-248-8950
Peggy Daniels229-246-2023
M Dawson229-246-2023
Christy N Elijah229-246-9487
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Who has lived here

Alicia Gaines912-246-9451
Mayand Jones229-243-9589
Elizabeth Ann Woodman
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Single Family Residential
  • 1 bath
  • Lot: 3,049 sqft
  • Built in 1953

Who has lived here

Martha Moten229-248-1897
Charles D Mullins
Latasha Stanley229-246-9947
Shirely White229-248-0889
Shamoria E Williams229-246-6872


Built in: 1953

Lot size: 3,049 sqft

Bathrooms: 1

Stories: 1

Exterior walls: Wood Siding

Foundation: Piers

Roof type: Asphalt

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Who has lived here

Karena Gibson229-243-0287
Joyce Snowden912-243-2544
Retha M Williams229-243-1388
Shantoria Williams229-243-1388
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Who has lived here

Curtis C Johnson229-246-5047
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Who has lived here

Stephanie Borden
Clerical/White Collar
Associate degree or higher
Alexandra Dixon229-248-8573
Stephanie L Griffiss229-243-0556
High school graduate or higher
Laura Harris
Aubree Hicks229-243-8925
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High Rise
  • Simmons Apts

Who has lived here

Derica Allen229-246-7530
Crystal E Baggling912-248-4860
Cheryl Marie Baker
Arthur Battle229-243-8798
Rita Battle
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Who has lived here

Clemon Jones912-246-3758
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Who has lived here

Turtia D Novak
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