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Town Colony Dr, Middletown CT street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1-10 1-10 28 1 331
11-20 11-20 26 1 336
21-99 21-37 20 1 317
100-299 101-238 56 7 311

1-10 Town Colony Dr, Middletown CT

Market Activities

Mar 2016 - present Listed for rent
5 Town Colony Dr
Price history :
  • 719 - 1556 sqft
  • 1 - 3 bed
  • 1 - 2 bath

Northwood Apartments offers 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in Middletown, CT. Visit our community and...


Who has lived here

John Bader860-635-5149 Renter Service Occupations
Jeremy Barker860-635-4695
Nicole Berry860-632-2099
Stephen Berry860-632-2099 Renter Administrative Support Occupations, Including Clerical Occupations Associate degree or higher
Drew Black860-632-7685
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Who has lived here

Michael Allen860-632-7302
Matthew J Bishop860-632-9097
K Carter860-635-9748
Mashhour Dagamseh860-632-0470
James M Danahy860-635-3535
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Who has lived here

A Acierno860-632-2182
Phyllis Alison860-635-0863
A Behrends860-632-0560
P Benni860-635-3883
Jay Berman860-632-2259
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Who has lived here

Juanita S Baumann860-647-1877
Nita S Powell860-647-1877
Christine M Campo860-632-1304
F Carucci
Danielle T Cotten860-613-0330
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Apartment For Rent $1,060
  • 1 bed
  • 1 bath
  • 715 sqft

Who has lived here

Chestnut Hill Apartments Ltd860-635-3449 Apartments Apartment Building Operator, Apartment Complex www.apartmentguide.com
Frank Curtin860-316-5878
Chelsey Cyr
Matthew D Donald
Kunal Dubey860-788-2590


Floor size: 715 sqft

Bedrooms: 1

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Who has lived here

Palaniappa Arumugam860-632-5657
Palaniappan Arumugam
A Baldwin860-632-2084
Hanuman S Bandikallu860-613-2743
Hanuman Bankikallu860-788-6301
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Who has lived here

Arcemio A Arredondo860-632-1612
Gustavo Arredondo860-632-1612
Juan B Arredondo860-632-1612
Arturo A Arredondo
Mathew Boudreau860-635-1765
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Who has lived here

Rekha N Balasubramaniam860-613-1128
Ernest T Bergeron860-632-1783
Gary Bernabi860-632-0155
Kathie Bernabi860-632-0155
Ankush Bhargava860-613-2516
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Who has lived here

G Arlinghaus860-613-2152
Steven M Burrows860-613-2152
J Zimmerman860-613-2152
Kofi Atta-Mensah860-613-0055
Karen Brouillette860-635-8844
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Who has lived here

Evelyn Claire Abernathy860-635-1743
Ben Alaimo860-613-1010
L Aldrich860-632-8628
David Anziano860-632-0542
J Billger860-632-5958
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