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Woodchuck Pl, Bear DE street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
100-124 111-124 10 2 74
125-222 125-222 13 3 105
223-320 223-316 10 1 73
321-414 321-414 10 4 102
415-499 415-426 8 2 64
500-799 511-726 46 2 378

100-124 Woodchuck Pl, Bear DE

Market Activities

Mar 2016 - present Listed for rent
900 Woodchuck Pl
Price history :
  • 715 - 1100 sqft
  • 1 - 3 bed
  • 1 - 2 bath

Waived application fee + $99 security deposit for qualified applicants! Restrictions may apply,...


Multi-Family Home
  • Lot: 5.2 acres

Who has lived here

Robert Gevjan Nonclassifiable Establishments, Professional Organization
Pete Chimes302-836-2083 Associate degree or higher
Pete Dakunchak302-225-0534 Renter Sales Occupations a...@aol.com
Robert A Gevjan302-595-2648
Robert J Lenton302-595-2648


Lot size: 5.2 acres

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Who has lived here

Brent J Engrem302-261-6039
Heather A Engrem302-261-6039
Virginia K Johnson302-832-3324
Edward M Newnam302-836-5905 Homeowner Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations High school graduate or higher b...@yahoo.com
Ehlizabeth Newnam302-836-5905
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Who has lived here

Stephen G Campagnini302-836-1691
Joseph K Ojatunwase302-595-4941
Jessica Sexton302-261-6621
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Who has lived here

Aiken Curtis & Annette Business Services at Non-Commercial Site
Annette Aiken302-261-6191
Curtis Aiken302-261-6191
Annette Deshields Associate degree or higher
Linda M Desmarais302-595-2784
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Who has lived here

Jason Anthony Crichlow314-353-3106
Anthony F Disciullo302-836-5662
Cynthia A Disciullo302-836-5662
Tara G Disciullo302-836-5662
James G Mercante302-836-5662
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Who has lived here

William C Andrews
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Who has lived here

Matthew Adams302-362-2092
Jayme Bannon302-365-6698
Kerrie Brock302-832-1045
Mark Brock302-832-1045
Alan K Churchill302-838-5735 Renter Construction and Extraction Occupations High school graduate or higher a...@ameritrade.com
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Who has lived here

Geraldine Elam302-834-1545
Janet Elam
John F Kinsley302-836-2732
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Who has lived here

Devon J Brooks
Josephine Hadaway
Kathy Holmes302-377-1588 Renter Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations Graduate or professional degree
Daisy M Payne302-832-7162
Mary Payne302-832-7162
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Who has lived here

Thomas A Carey
Nasir Shaikh302-365-5685
Nesir Shaikh302-365-5685
Charles H Smith302-652-8907
Precious Taylor
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