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Wyoming Ter, Melrose MA street index

Block Buildings Properties Businesses Residents
1-15 1-15 11 - 68
16-26 16-26 10 - 156
27-42 27-42 10 - 56
43-71 43-71 10 - 152
72-99 72-99 10 - 75
100-199 100-197 36 1 355

1-15 Wyoming Ter, Melrose MA


Single Family
  • 3 beds
  • 1.5 baths
  • 2,504 sqft
  • Built in 1920

Who has lived here

Noel W Clarke781-620-1001
Keith Demers
Construction and Extraction Occupations
Bachelor's degree or higher
Jean E Fusco352-628-4403
Jonathan L Green781-665-3817
Maureen E Lyden781-665-3817


Built in: 1920

Lot size: 6,758 sqft

Floor size: 2,504 sqft

Rooms: 7

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1.5

Stories: 2

Exterior material: Wood

Structure type: Colonial

Roof type: Asphalt

Heat type: Other

Basement area: Finished basement, 917 sqft

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Who has lived here

Ann Linehan781-665-3980
James Linehan781-665-3980
Drew E Linehan781-665-7840
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Who has lived here

Mary J Bigelon781-665-1462
Maria Corrado781-662-2004
Susan M Destefano781-665-6138
Elizabeth Kamau781-665-2958
Mary Kamau781-662-1138
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Who has lived here

C Capanna781-662-0936
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Who has lived here

Lorraine M Bowman781-665-8037
Diane M Dion781-662-7666
Rosemary Hart781-665-1524
Marin Lenov781-662-2051
Nick Speros781-665-4468
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Who has lived here

Elin Babin781-662-5705
Paul Babin781-662-5705
Robt F Cushman781-662-4446
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Who has lived here

Helen M Fennell781-662-9439
Julie A Fennell781-662-9439
Sheila M Fennell781-662-9439
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Who has lived here

John A Beane781-662-9251
Robin L Beane781-662-9251
Judith E Egan781-662-8590
Mark T Gaynor781-662-4346
Kristin M Zina781-662-4346
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Who has lived here

Kristine E Swanson781-665-0991
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Who has lived here

Denise Dexter781-979-0416
Caitlin Fitzgerald781-620-0267
Valerie A Labelle781-665-0106
Valerie A Mcgrath781-665-0106
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Who has lived here

Maria T Destefano617-665-6138
Patrick F Destefano781-665-2903
Susan M Destefano781-665-2903
Thomas A Destefano781-665-2903
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