217 Dewitt Ln #205 Spring Lake, MI 49456-1932

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Residence for Single Family
Evergreen Village Apt

Resident History for 217 Dewitt Ln, Spring Lake MI

All residents for 217 Dewitt Ln #205

Previous residents

Person NamePhone NumberAdditional Info
Brian C Clark 616-846-3133
Florence Clark 616-846-3133

Possible Residents for #205

Resident NamePhoneMore Info
Herbert E Andersen616-846-2496
Betty J Anderson616-844-0170
David W Atchison616-844-1269
Brent Banyard
Anne M Barbrick
Angela D Barr616-607-8546
Chep M Bartlette616-296-9112
Chip Bartlette616-296-9112
Gerry Bixeman616-847-4219
Edith J Botbyl616-846-3011
Florence E Bradley616-902-0286
Machine Operators, Assemblers, and Inspectors Occupations
Associate degree or higher
Adelia A Briggs616-844-5440
Chester A Briggs616-844-5440
Doreen Sharp616-844-5440
Betty A Brill
Dorla L Cuddington
C J Daszewski
Betty J Dent616-844-5003
Annie M Deyoung616-842-7553
Elsie G Diesel616-846-1946
Anna M Disalle616-844-0283
Dorothy A Dykstra616-847-3644
Arlene A Glennie616-846-1096
Carl M Holmberg616-842-5604
Carl M Holmen616-842-5604
J L Hugall
Alice J Huls616-842-8891
Edward Huls616-842-8891
Don P Iden616-846-1405
Florence Jameson616-842-8149
Eleanor W Jobin616-842-7334
Frank Jobin616-842-7334
Catherine A Johnson
Edwin R Katt616-846-9503
Inez A Ketner616-842-7464
Gertrude V Kloepfer616-842-3614
Catherine L Lake616-842-8469
Ida M Schaafsma616-842-8469
James M Leach616-842-2368
Brenda L Leisure616-842-6653
H Leisure616-842-6653
Henrietta Leisure616-842-6653
Dorothy J Lindsay616-844-1303
Barry D Mcleod616-847-2909
G Mcmaster616-842-4605
Clarance A Misner
Jack E Mullins
Helen G Myrmel616-844-7314
Harland E Noll616-847-5951
Gay L Pranger616-842-4562
Gaye L Pranger616-842-4562
Betty Queen616-846-9477
Frances Y Queen616-842-1653
Jackie L Raulin616-296-1065
Jacqueline Raulin616-296-1065
Edith L Ronning616-935-7578
Alemda F Russell616-844-0241
Almeda F Russell616-607-8986
Carma S Schultz616-850-0526
Barbara J Sellers616-846-4772
Blanche E Sowerby616-846-9087
J J Sowerby616-846-9087
Bob C Sternburgh616-844-7317
Anne T Stinger616-846-1060
C R Thomack616-846-3851
Jane M Tomchek
Charles J Urcavich616-846-1312
Dorothy Urcavich616-846-1312
Dorothy I Vandenheuvel616-842-3048
Gretchen Vanderveen616-842-2482
Gertrude Vanderwal616-296-1495
Edna J Wagenmaker616-846-7103
Elsie I Warren616-842-8296
Adriana C Ykema616-846-3069
Floris B Ykema616-846-3069
B Yonker616-842-7409
Betty J Yonker616-842-7409


SchoolsPublic/PrivateGradeHow far from Property, mi
Elementary school
Holmes Elementary School
426 River St, Spring Lake, MI 49456
Spring Lake Intermediate School
345 Hammond St, Spring Lake, MI 49456
Middle school
Spring Lake Middle School
345 Hammond St, Spring Lake, MI 49456
High school
Spring Lake Alternative Education
345 Hammond St, Spring Lake, MI 49456
Spring Lake High School
16140 148Th Ave, Spring Lake, MI 49456

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